Music City USA

No, we’re still Vacationland USA . . .

2-28-14-1 - Copy

[But this past weekend we had two homecomings, of a sort, and a good-bye in the Alexandria music scene.  It cost me two girls’ basketball games but concurrent events happen.  Anyway, on Thursday night the Salty Dogs were back together at SAWA (see previous post) after a brief fling at snowbirdiedom by Erik.  On Friday, we were delighted to welcome Julie and Matt Velline back home at SAWA.]

2-28-14-2 - Copy

[They were joined by Matt’s cousin Dennis on the mouth harp and various percussion things.]

2-28-14-3 - Copy

[Oh, ‘hi’ Tracy.]

2-28-14-3-1 - Copy

[Six months in the Golden State did not dampen their ability to ‘wow’ an audience.  🙂  ]

2-28-14-4 - Copy

2-28-14-5 - Copy

2-28-14-6 - Copy

2-28-14-7 - Copy

2-28-14-9 - Copy

[Welcome home guys!   Their plans are to return to playing their old venues again on a regular basis.  California’s loss is Vacationland USA’s gain!  🙂  ]


3-1-14-4 - Copy

[The first thing the supervisor did the next morning was to look after her Downeys with a little frozen fat (no, not me!) . . . and then it was on to a day of . . .]

3-1-14-5 - Copy

[Saturday afternoon we were off to the winery for another visit with Anthony Miltich, the troubadour from Fergus Falls.]

3-1-14-7 - Copy

[And I try for my artsy shots . . .]

3-1-14-8 - Copy

[Appears to be an “A-lister’s” cab.  😉  ]

3-1-14-11 - Copy

[ . . . and the queen will have you in irons!]

3-1-14-12 - Copy

[Plays an important role later.    ]

3-1-14-13 - Copy

3-1-14-14 - Copy

3-1-14-14-1 - Copy

3-1-14-15 - Copy

[We thought Anthony did a great job soldiering through his second cold of the season.]

3-1-14-16 - Copy

[Looking for a familiar face?  At mid-point in the afternoon, the place was SRO.  Nevertheless, throughout the entire afternoon, we didn’t see a single person we knew . . . well, except for those tending the bar.]

3-1-14-17 - Copy

[Hallelujah . . .    ]

3-1-14-17-1 - Copy


3-1-14-18 - Copy

3-1-14-19 - Copy

3-1-14-20 - Copy

[OK, their now polished routine . . .]

3-1-14-21 - Copy

[And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar, and . . .]

3-1-14-22 - Copy

[Say, “Man, what are you doing here?   And on cue she dashes up and . . . puts bread in his jar!  😉  Oh, and some friends from Ashby arrived as we were leaving.]

3-1-14-23 - Copy

[That evening there was a hail and farewell performance by Craig Sandberg, with friends, at SAWA . . .]

3-1-14-23-1 - Copy

[Craig, the bass player, played with Funky Gumbo Trio for several years at SAWA.]

3-1-14-24 - Copy

[He’s been in the Cities for the last couple years.]

3-1-14-24-1 - Copy

[But now he’s heading off for Asheville, North Carolina, so this was his good-bye performance in his old home town.]

3-1-14-25 - Copy

[And he even got his mom, Jamie, a local teacher and thespian, to come up and sing with the group (their usual vocalist couldn’t make it because I believe she was under the weather).  Good job, Jamie!]

3-1-14-26-1 - Copy

3-1-14-27 - Copy

3-1-14-28 - Copy

3-1-14-30 - Copy

[Good luck, Craig!  Come back and see us anytime.]

Reminder:  Videos of these performers are available at YouTube.  All you have to do is “search” for the Salty Dogs (in the previous post), Matt Veline, Julie and Matt Velline, Anthony Miltich, and Funky Gumbo Trio (for Craig) and you will discover dozens of beautifully choreographed and produced videos  by . . . me!  😉

Reminder, deux:  We are now in basketball play-offs.  Then come the spring sports of baseball, softball, track, golf, et al, then school lets out, then summer comes, and by the end of August the snow and ice will be gone.

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