Even Rachel Banham Was Only 1 For 17?

2-18-14-1 - Copy

[The only good scoreboard the whole night – the JV game.]

maryengelbreitThe Cardinals had beaten Moorhead the night before, in a game that was a reschedule (you know, that weather thing we’ve had all winter).  Of course, we forgot all about it – but were previously engaged anyway.  The Cards in the Spud game compensated for their worst game of the year when the teams met in the holiday tournament.  Well, this game against Detroit Lakes must have been like the first Moorhead game.  We beat the Lakers in the first game of the year . . . scoring an unbelievable 60 points in the first half alone.  We didn’t make it to 30 the entire game this time?  Tired from going all out against Moorhead the night before?  That’s certainly possible.  Maybe under estimating the Lakers because of our easy win the first time?  Maybe.  We’ve been playing without Amanda Christianson (foot stress fracture), our leading scorer, for a while now and have been inconsistent without her.  In this game, probably more than anything, we missed her 5’10” of altitude.  The Cards started two players 5’5″ and two 5’7″ in this game.  That’s not indicative of any moral shortcomings or anything, but that’s undersized even for a class A school (we’re AAA).  And Detroit Lakes is one of the tallest teams in our section.  On a night when we couldn’t shoot, the height difference was incredibly telling.  This game was played on Tuesday night – the Gopher men’s (twice) and women’s teams played their worst games of the year last week too.  Was there a panic over a potential lefse shortage?

2-18-14-2 - Copy

[Things looked fine during warm-ups.  Karly and Kendall (our Special K’s?) dribble near mid-court checking out the Lakers.]

2-18-14-4 - Copy

[Another foul weather night and an at home boys’ hockey section game had an impact on attendance.]

2-18-14-5 - Copy


2-18-14-7 - Copy

[Amanda G, passing here, does provide size off the bench.]

2-18-14-8 - Copy

[Cheyenne had to spell a foul-plagued Brooke, who as I recall had 29 against Moorhead the previous night.]

2-18-14-11 - Copy

[Emily also provided size off the bench and was effective defensively with her length.]

2-18-14-16-1 - Copy

[Amanda C, our expensive ball girl.  I believe the hope is that she’ll be able to play by sections in March.]

2-18-14-18 - Copy

[The two Amandas meet.  Amanda G requested, “I’ll take two, please.]

2-18-14-19 - Copy

[Brooke jumps center, a task that usually falls to Amanda C.]

2-18-14-20 - Copy

2-18-14-21 - Copy

2-18-14-22 - Copy

2-18-14-23 - Copy

2-18-14-24 - Copy

[Karly shows our defense was still there.]

2-18-14-25 - Copy

[And while our D preventing them from scoring much . . .]

2-18-14-26 - Copy

[We weren’t creating our normal number of turnovers that lead to easy baskets on the offensive end.]

2-18-14-27 - Copy

[Macy brings it up.]

2-18-14-28 - Copy

[Kendall hit a couple of long 3’s during the game, but not much else happened on offense.]

2-18-14-29 - Copy

[They zoned us, so we didn’t get to the free throw line much either.]

2-18-14-30 - Copy

[Macy here.]

2-18-14-32 - Copy

[Nothing to write home about at the half, but we were in the game.  We thought we’d come out in the 2nd half breathing fire . . . but the tank was empty.]

2-18-14-31 - Copy

[Waiting to take the floor for the 2nd half, enjoying the halftime robotics exhibition.]

2-18-14-33 - Copy

[I only took two photos in the 2nd half, Sarah here . . .]

2-18-14-34 - Copy

[And Emily here.  We never got anything rolling?]

We host Fergus tomorrow night.  They’re undefeated and ranked No. 1 in the state in class AAA.   They are also way taller than us.  We’d better hope our shooting eyes come back!  The supervisor and I have a previous engagement but hope to at least catch part of the game.

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