California Dreamin’ IV

ruth1-4-14-1 - Copy

[The Biddies catching rays on January 4 (photo from the supervisor’s tablet).]

1-3-14-1 - Copy

[On the day prior to The Biddies having a day of rest, Rita drove us by . . .]

1-3-14-2 - Copy

[Qualcomm Stadium – she knew it was coming up and whose stadium it was.  (I’m not sure, but I believe a qualcomm is a Lithuanian flightless duck?)  Yup, The Biddies are sports fans.  And the Chargers were still in the playoffs at this time and dominated local TV coverage.  Blecchhhh!]

1-3-14-3 - Copy

[But Qualcomm was just a drive-by on our way to Mission Bay, an area between “The 5” (Interstate 5) and the ocean in San Diego.  This is where Sea World is and in the maze of interstate exits, multiple lanes, stop lights and signs, we ended up on an entrance road into Sea World from which there was no escape.  We told them we didn’t want to come in (the entry fee is thousands of dollars), how do we get out?  With directions that required top secret clearance to receive, we eventually labored our way out.   As an aside, Sea World has the largest parking lot I’ve ever seen!  I would think air flights would be necessary from the far end.  All we wanted to do was to walk Mission Bay for its quaintness and boardwalk.  Here we are at the classic Belmont Park with an old style roller coaster.]

1-3-14-5 - Copy

[The Mission Bay neighborhood – my kinda place!  🙂  That’s the ocean at the end of the block with the roller coaster just of the page on the left.]

1-3-14-6 - Copy

[Two things I really miss in Alex – Thai restaurants and bikini shops.]

1-3-14-7 - Copy

[Belmont Park from the beach.]

1-3-14-8 - Copy

[The boardwalk at the beach.]

1-3-14-9 - Copy

[The Biddies are having the times of their lives!   🙂  ]

1-3-14-10 - Copy

[Serious beach soccer – matching uniforms!]

1-3-14-11 - Copy

[Welcome to us!  Thank you!]

1-3-14-12 - Copy

[All that walking around made us hungry.  We dropped in at the Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill on Ventura, across the street from the roller coaster and a softball lob from the beach.]

1-3-14-13 - Copy

[Here comes the coaster! ]

1-3-14-14 - Copy

[There’s the beach!]

1-3-14-16 - Copy

[There’s me enjoying a brand new drink called . . . a Bloody Mary, I believe (well, I like the veggies).]

1-3-14-18 - Copy

[Not even on the menu yet, the hostess/server said I could try their brand new fish taco that just won the award as best fish taco on the beach.  How could I resist?  And it was!]

1-3-14-19 - Copy

[The supervisor enjoys a fried avocado taco, and I Reets had a carnitas taco – all was good.]

ruth1-3-14-1 - Copy

[Photo taken by the supervisor with her Samsung tablet.]

1-3-14-20 - Copy

[Geez, we forgot to go for a ride!]

1-3-14-21 - Copy

[Leaving Mission Bay]

1-3-14-22 - Copy

[A Mission Bay bay.  BTW, palm trees really don’t provide much shade.]

1-3-14-23 - Copy

[Where we were . . .]

1-3-14-24 - Copy

[Little electric cars are available, for your convenience.  The Biddies are entering our Rentees rental car.]

1-3-14-25 - Copy

[Our next stop is self-explanatory . . .]

1-3-14-26 - Copy

[A bit touristy, and parking was an issue, but worth visiting once.]

1-3-14-27 - Copy

[Inside Old Town . . .]

1-3-14-28 - Copy

[Another “shade” tree?]

ruth1-3-14-2 - Copy

[The Biddies insisted there was something funny here.  😉  ]

ruth1-3-14-4 - Copy

[I’m pointing at it . . .]

ruth1-3-14-5 - Copy

[The supervisor took these three photos with her tablet.]

1-3-14-30 - Copy

[The Biddies insisted there was a physical resemblance here?  Naw, skin color’s all wrong.]

1-3-14-32 - Copy [Various sights in Old Town . . . ]

1-3-14-33 - Copy

1-3-14-34 - Copy

1-3-14-35 - Copy

1-3-14-36 - Copy

1-4-14-1 - Copy

[After running around for several days, The Biddies took the next day off to recharge their batteries . . .]

1-4-14-3 - Copy

[So I got them out from behind bars.]

1-4-14-5 - Copy

[Flowers grow here . . .]

1-4-14-8 - Copy

[Outside . . .]

1-4-14-9 - Copy

[In winter?]


1-4-14-12 - Copy

Up next:  Something about a state tournament?

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