A Night at the Museum *

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*  OK, I’ve used the title before.  And we went in the afternoon, not at night.  But the title has a certain . . . je ne sais quoi, so I thought it appropriate to use it again.  I’ve mentioned before, we feel Indianapolis has always been an underrated city.  And though we’ve been there many times, because the supervisor’s family are Hoosiers, the kids always find some new and interesting place for us to visit.  This time it was the Indiana History Center.  A couple days after Christmas when we all wanted to get out to blow the stink off.  And now at this much later date, we can’t recall whether our midday repast at Dick’s Bodacious Bar-B-Q in downtown Indy was before or after the museum?

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[The supervisor, Jami, and Danny approach to museum entrance while downtown Indy looms in the background.]


[Rounding the corner, the state capitol came into view.]

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[Inside, the supervisor and Jami get all interactive, probably checking on Vigo County where Terre Haute (hometown of the Callecods) is the county seat.]

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[It was just two days after Christmas.]

12-27-13-6 - Copy

[Impressive atrium.]

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[OK, what are we gonna see first?]

12-27-13-8 - Copy

[How ’bout the Cole Porter room?]

12-27-13-9 - Copy

[But first, Daaaaaa – vid Letterrrrrrrrrr – man!]

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[On the way to Cole, we volunteered to be photo subjects . . . from these very folks I just made photo subjects.  😉  ]

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[And here we are (or were)!]

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[Cole Porter’s room – a classic American song writer (Mr. Porter, not his room).]

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[Once in we met a singer who very much reminded us of Christine Rosholt.  We had the opportunity to request a couple of Cole Porter songs, and she performed them for us.  All we needed was a nice glass of wine.  😉  ]

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[While Jami peruses the songs menu, the supervisor videos and Danny studies the wall photos.]

12-27-13-15 - Copy

[And on to the next exhibits where you stepped into the past . . .]

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[Jami cautiously approaches the portal to the past . . .]

12-27-13-18 - Copy

[Followed by Danny . . .]

12-27-13-19 - Copy

[Egads, they’re gone!]

12-27-13-20 - Copy

[The supervisor’s next . . .]

12-27-13-21 - Copy

[Unafraid . . .]

12-27-13-22 - Copy

[Then she disappears into the past!]

12-27-13-23 - Copy

[On “the other side” we all arrived in Charles Miner’s photographic studio in 1904 Ft. Wayne.  Cool!  🙂  ]

12-27-13-24 - Copy

[Approaching the next time portal . . .]

12-27-13-26 - Copy

[We’re going back to the Great Flood of 1913 . . .]

12-27-13-27 - Copy

[Where, as with the previous exhibit, we got to interact with the people “of the time.”]

12-27-13-28 - Copy

[Back to the atrium . . .]

12-27-13-30 - Copy

[Where we walked the balcony reading the wall murals.]

12-27-13-31 - Copy

[Does anybody really know what time it is?  Does anybody really care?  Well, I never liked that song anyway.]

12-27-13-32 - Copy

[There are many great mysteries in life.  What is our purpose on this planet?  How did we get here?  Why doesn’t anything rhyme with “purple”?  But in Indiana, the ultimate question is . . .]

12-27-13-32-1 - Copy

12-27-13-33 - Copy

12-27-13-35 - Copy

[So, as with the other great mysteries, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind.]

12-27-13-36 - Copy

[Some may recall one of his relatives was part of our group for our Great Alaska Cruise of ’08.]

12-27-13-37 - Copy

[While Jami ponders a great work, others may inquire . . . where’s our grandson?  Well, he’s a college kid.  For the entire week we were there, I would just be getting up – 4:00 am-ish – when Tom was getting ready to go to bed.  The exchange would be:  “Good morning, Tom!”  “Good night, Tom!”  So, he was still in bed during this episode.]

12-27-13-38 - Copy

[We are now at great heights.]

12-27-13-39 - Copy

[This top level consists mainly of photo murals.]

12-27-13-41 - Copy

[Well, it was winter.  While we were in Indiana, there were hints of earlier snowfalls but mostly the ground was bare.  While we were in California, Noblesville had a 12″ snowfall which set all kinds of records!]

12-27-13-42 - Copy

[Ski beautiful Indianapolis?]

12-27-13-43 - Copy

[The supervisor provides perspective for . . .]

12-27-13-44 - Copy

[The Christmas lights on the 284′-tall Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the center of Indianapolis.]

12-27-13-45 - Copy

[We have reason to believe the woman on the right is the supervisor’s sister, Rita?]

12-27-13-48 - Copy

[This was in the museum lobby – in fact it contained the entire living room from “A Christmas Story,” which you’ll recall takes place in Indiana.  We saw the play at the AAAA in Alex before we left Minnesota.  While in Indy, the evening entertainment cycle centered around new seasons of “Dr. Who” (Jami received a 14-long Dr. Who scarf for Christmas – I some how missed that photo op?) and some old British soap opera, “Downtown Abyss (?).”  I lasted about a half-hour during the latter when I realized the only interest I had in the thing was also a preference to be referred to as “milord” while in my own castle.]

Next:  “California here we come!” (or maybe hockey?)

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2 Responses to A Night at the Museum *

  1. JamiG4 says:

    Lunch was after the Museum and before the Winery. Great day!

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