Nike National High School Cross Country Meet


This meet took place in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, December 7.  It was cold!  This is the Heartland Region team – that would be us.  All photos herein were provided by Doug Hasz, who had a family relationship interest in the results.  😉  ]

Tom,  Here are some pictures from Portland.  Bethany is #163 was 13th time of
17:54 and Megan is #162 was 53rd time of 18:29.7.  Jenna Truedson #161 from
Bemidji is on the far right, she was 75th with a time of 18:47.4.  The Wayzata girls team took 1st place.  ~ Doug


[And here come Jenna (161), Bethany (163), and Megan (162) – if you run their jersey number backwards you would get the order of finish 1, 2, 3 in the Minnesota state meet.  Then Bethany and Megan went out and finished 1-2 in the Heartland Region meet (which, as I recall, includes Iowa, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and Nebraska).]


[Yea, sometimes I crop ’em for a closer-upper.]


[Looks like Best Buy on Black Friday!]


[Hang with ’em, girls!]




[Good shots, Doug.  You must have done some running yourself to get them?]



[Bethany and Megan usually jump out to the lead and hold it for the rest of the race.  They knew that was going to be tough in this race.]



[Interesting shot.]


[Go, Megan!]


[Hay bales?]





[With their proud coach, Mark Nelsen, who promised them he would be there if they made it!  🙂  Hopefully, Mark will have to come out of retirement for a couple more trips to Portland.  The girls are just sophomores.]



[And the proud family!  🙂  ]


[Ok, let’s see if I get any of this right.  Mark’s daughter and grandson who came down from the state of Washingon for the meet?]

It somehow seems appropriate that the Minneapolis StarTribune today published the following column by Gail Rosenblum about female athletes:

Gail and I are close personal friends and communicate often by e-mail.  (OK, I made that first part up.  😉  )

Tuesday night was a banner night for Cardinal sports.  The girls and boys basketball and hockey teams all won!  The boys are undefeated in both sports and the girls b’ball team is also undefeated.  We have girls’ hockey tonight, I believe still waiting for them to get totally healthy.

Up next:  Let me guess, hockey?  (BTW, I remember I ran once.  Then I promised myself to never do it again!)

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