Remembering Alexandria 1963


I was reminded of this by Rachel Barduson’s column in Wednesday’s Echo.  Thanks, Rachel!:

So, of course, I had to go and dredge it up!  Remember, you can double “click” on the photos to see them full size – certainly makes reading easier.  😉
And now, from the actual photos:
And this one ended up on the Trib’s cutting room floor:
Kathy Sherry and I were captured strolling the Jefferson High School courtyard in our junior years.  Possibly as a result of that stroll, we remain BFF’s to this day.  🙂
p.s.  Sister Gretchen forwarded the following reminder:
And to think that just several weeks later [12 days] after this article was published, JFK was assassinated.  Remember, [Uncle] Dick [also his birthday], you and I all attended an Alex. basketball game that night because the team that we were scheduled to play was already on the bus traveling to Alex.  I remember that they did have a moment of silent prayer and reflection before the game began for Kennedy and his family and the nation. 
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