Salty Dogs


Sunday was a beautiful day in Vacationland USA.  The kind of day where if you lived on a lake . . . you stayed on the lake.  Boats were cruising by, in awe of what nature had wrought.  Absent the Moby Obie, however, nature wroughting didn’t have that kind of effect on the supervisor and me . . .


martiniWhile I could have spent the day just idling on the lakeside deck, watching the world go by, finishing my read of Bad Monkey, we felt compelled to visit the winery once again.  We had another nice streak going having been there Friday for Josie Nelson and Saturday for Uncle Willie’s Gut Bucket Blues Band.  We could complete the 3-game sweep by catching the Salty Dogs on this day.  And they were overdue for a “titled” blog entry.  We arrived a little bit late, having to check the beginning of the PGA broadcast to get a feel of how it was going to go (got home in time to see the last two holes and Duffner’s win).  We were back on our usual 4.2-mile trek to the winery, from CR-22, to CR-104, to CR-34 – earlier there had been road repair on CR-104, now also officially Arrowwood Road (or Drive?),  which required a CR-22, to CR-61, to CR-34 detour on Friday and Saturday (a 2-mile longer drive but a nice one).


Ultimately, we left the lake, and our view, and headed north.  When we travel to the winery, we arrive like campers at a state park.  We grab seat cushions from the trunk, I grad the camera bag, the supervisor grabs her bag (which contains all manner of survival materials, including her social media device), a cooler with ice sleeve (should we deign to purchase a white wine), and then a stop at the bar for our bottle of wine and two glasses.  Oh, and we may also check in with Alia if a pizza or a Panini are on the docket.  We’re thinking of hiring sherpas.  Anyway, by the time we got settled at our table, we were able to enjoy Salty Dog’s version of If I Had a Boat, but I couldn’t get set up in time to video it.  Since it is a favorite of mine, and the Salty’s version was terrific, I will initially substitute the Tucker’d Out version – close enough, same venue!  😉

“If I Had a Boat”:


“Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian”:


“Galway Girl”:


Greg, the fiddler, is new to the group.  A nice addition, though from my vantage he was mostly hidden by the big boys up front.  😉






Harn June 2013 422

In the absence of enough stills to place between the videos, I’m borrowing a couple from son-in-law Danny taken at the winery in June.

“You Got It”:

Harn June 2013 423

“Jug Band Music”:

The boys, and Annie, were really on this day.  And conditions were good for videoing.  Hence, the large number of them!  🙂  A woman from Omaha came up to them on a set break, said it was her first visit to the winery, and practically demanded they produce a CD, or otherwise advise her how she can listen to their music.  Fortunately, I was there to direct her to YouTube!  😉

A wild life aficionado and semi-regular blog contributor submitted the following, entitled Falcon Nesting In A Tree:

As you know I love the out of doors and this is a picture that I will never forget.  I don’t think you will either.  It is the most remarkable nature photograph that I have ever seen.  Enjoy!  ~ Al Grundei


Next up, back to the “Camp” (I think).  Re “Camp”:  Why do I want to kill myself every time I look at your pictures? I know you guys have a much more interesting life than I do, but looking at all those old people is such a downer.  My problem, not yours.  I still love the pictures! ~ The Nanner  [Editor’s note to The Nanner:  Up next, kids in the swimming area!]

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