Wang Dang Doodle


[OK, it’s June 10, but it’s not quite here yet (summer, that is).  The grandson worked his first week as a counselor at Camp Brosius in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where, unfortunately, for the first week of camp the weather was every bit as crappy as it’s been here.  I believe it was Brother Cam who reported we have had 15 sunny days since March 1.  I have been able to play three rounds of golf in the last month, which makes the cost per round about a million dollars.]


[One of the sunny days, by some magic, was Alex high school’s graduation day on June 2.  (Echo Press photo.)]


[Meanwhile, back to explaining the title.  We’re getting a day ahead of ourselves here, but this is Uncle Willie’s Gut Bucket Blues Band.  That’s Terry Kennedy on the left, Erik Schultz in the middle, and Al Lieffort on the right at Carlos Creek Winery on Saturday.  By consensus of at least Terry and me, their signature song is Wang Dang Doodle.  So, by popular demand, here it is . . .]

“Wang Dang Doodle” –

But before Saturday, there was Friday.  Though we were late arrivals for that day’s performance at the winery, we did see the last set by Kalee Guenther.  Kalee just finished her freshman year at McNally Smith School of Music, which would seem to indicate she has more than a modicum of talent.  I did not do any videos myself – she had a large contingent of family and friends there, so I did not wish to be obnoxious.  But she has much stuff on YouTube already, including her own works such as No Matter:

And as long as I was nosing around the McNally Smith website, looking also for her sophomore classmate, Spencer Christianson, long a star of this blog, I found no more on them but thought you may enjoy Eva Beneke, playing classicial guitar for your dining and dancing pleasure:

BTW, Kalee has many more performances here this summer.


[Now we’re back to Saturday again . . . with Uncle Willie.  One of the few days we could have outdoor performances this year . . .]

“Cannibals” –


“Deep Ellum Blues” –

6-8-13-3“Clyde” –


“Wagon Wheel” –


“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” –


On Sunday, it was another all day rain.  Patchouli was back in town . . . but the elements forced them to play inside.  We enjoyed an afternoon of their music but took no photos or videos just because it doesn’t really work that well inside.


[In lieu of weekend photos, here are a few from blog contributor Sue Elliot of Julie and Bruce at another venue just a month ago.]





[Thanks to winery owners, Kim and Tami, for three straight days of music – with more ahead the entire summer.  Photo likely pilfered from their website.]


[A final shout-out to the spring sports teams.  The softball and baseball teams had terrific seasons but fell just short in the sections.  The girls track team, led by sprinters Wensia Johnson (left) and Madi Urman (right), (Echo Press photos) finished 12th in the state.]


[And now we hope to play some golf – though our lies are likely to look like the above!]

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