It Continues . . .


[Deb and the supervisor in total recognition that the excitement never ends in Vacationland USA.  This was Friday night at Sixth Avenue Wine & Ale.  Dan Mahar, from Sioux Falls, was making his first visit in quite some time before a packed house.]

As you may recall, in the previous post (yes, you may look back – it’s an open book test) I mentioned that the high school girls’ choir did a really neat (a musical term) version of “Sylvie.”  Well, I found a couple of YouTube examples of their performance with the same arrangement and choreography.  Enjoy:

Shanee’ is in the peach right in front of Erika.  🙂  Glad he took videos.  It’s a good thing there’s people like you and Paul around to help this hockey Mom out.  ~ Marnee’

And now returning to Mr. Mahar:




“Here Comes the Sun”:

“We Just Disagree”:

And then he always polishes us off with:



Thanks again, Dan.  We’ll all look forward to your next visit when hopefully it won’t be raining and the temperature will be above zero!!  At this point I would note that Mahar fan Paul Trumm queried, “Why do we Awake the Lakes on Memorial Day weekend?  The weather is always miserable!”


[We always spend the Saturday morning of Awake the Lakes weekend having breakfast with Big Ole at Fort Alexandria.  And we give a big thanks the volunteers who man (and woman) this operation in conjunction with the Runestone Museum.  This may be the one event of the weekend where we have fond remembrances of actually sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, every once in a while?]


[Big Ole?]


[Reeling in a whopper (though I’m not sure who “whopper” refers to?)]


[The supervisor found herself a Viking . . . though I’m not sure whether he does yard work?]


[Touring Fort Alexandria . . .]


[Where the continuing cold and rain . . .]


[Has certainly been great for the grass!!]


[Work continues at the neighboring Maritime Gardens.  Gonna be quite the place!]


[So now you know.]


[It’s unfortunate . . . it appears the lake ice is trying to make a comeback!]


[Saturday afternoon we had high hopes for an outdoor performance by Harper’s Chord at the winery.  Roger Fink gives a look that asks . . . this is the best weather you could come up with?]

Roger is joined by Paul Drinkwine for a little instrumental gadabout:

Strummin’ With:


[Roger decides maybe we can have some fun afterall.]

“If I Needed You”:


[The problem with being inside . . . on Memorial Day weekend . . . with Harper’s Chord . . . is that there was a huge crowd.  The problem with that, as discussed by Viv and the supervisor, is that it’s incredibly noisy which unfortunately makes a hash (or a gumbo) of any attempted videos.   Sorry ’bout that.]

“Traveling Soldier”:


[Jill Moore studies her charts . . . or the wine menu.  Although it was noisy, we are happy to report that the group created a whole bunch of new fans as we had a good turnout from the camp social director’s promotional endeavors.]

“Out of the Rain”:


“I Was Here”:


[We couldn’t stay for the final set, so we undoubtedly missed their signature song, Natural Bridge.  We hope their next visit to Alex will be soon  . . . and outside!  😉 ]


[Then it was off for an evening at Tudy and Mikko’s.  I always said Mikko was responsible for (the credit and the blame) introducing the family Obert to the local music scene, which so often has kept me up well past my bedtime.  This is an archival shot from last year of Mikko with his usual partners in crime, Annie and Bruce.]


[It was, as to be expected, a gathering of friends and neighbors, encouraged to bring their guitars if they had them.  Mikko allegedly turned 70 in recent days.]


[A goat on the roof was somehow expected as well.]


[The supervisor joined Tudy in the backyard, her potting shed in the background.]


[We joined others in putting our hand prints on the potting shed walls.]


[Fun, comes to mind.  🙂 ]

illiesbeccagrad (2)

[Today our hockey seniors, Becca and Shelby, had their graduation parties.  Uffda, they come and go so fast.  We have one more Illies to come, but the Iversons will be empty-nesters.  Missy and Tim will thus join the Super Fan contingent next year.]


[Amazingly, at both parties we sat with folks from Fergus Falls who are friends of Anthony Miltich (see previous posts), who performs again at the winery next week.]


Tasteless and juvenile.  Just when I was beginning to think there might be hope for you. ~ The Nanner


[The perpetrator of the previous above photo, and allegedly of the choir videos!  😉 ]

p.s.  As we wrap up another frigid day in Vacationland USA, it is currently 78 degrees in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Rain is forecast for every day next week.

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