Fat Boys Walking Club


In response to an increasing pent up demand (and in the absence of anything else happening while we wait for spring), we bring you . . . well, you can see the title.  We fully expect this to go viral . . . because of the A-listers’ response to the sneak preview:

Tom! You made me laugh out loud!!! Fat Boys Walking Club? I want to do a story on that!  ~  Gail

LOVE IT!!!! One word: HOT!  ~ Gail

I’m speechless!  ~  The Nanner

Those pictures substantiate why I spend my winters in sunny Sarasota.  ~  Crazy Dave

You’re actually fatter than you look in the photo.  ~  Vivian

At least one of those adjectives does not apply to you.  ~ ML

I must say, you look the most fit out of all of them.  ~ Gretchen (but she’s my sister)

Looking sharp but where’s your shorts????  ~  Marnee’

The bald guy on the right with the goatee looks very suspicious.  ~  Scott

All the more reason to show you’re newly shaved legs!!  Glad you wore clean underwear in case you were in an accident on your way home!  ~ Marnee’

The “FBWC” reminds me of the Vikings offensive line of 1961 except you’ve all gained weight!!  ~ Crazy Dave

Funny. The guy on the far right is the thinnest, but he is wearing black knee socks.  What was he thinking?  ~  The Nanner

Do Fat Boys also use machines? ~ Rita

In response to the last question, some of the weird ones do.  “Weakie” and I just walk – but for an hour and a half a day, 6 days a week (remember, we walked every street in the Alexandria city limits).  If I begin to sweat, I’m overdoing it and quit immediately!  Many of the “players” in the group (and they weren’t all here this day) are recognizable from previous postings.  Nevertheless, since we are all in the Weight Watchers’ witness protection program . . .


[We are ages 63 through 75 – that means our group discussions revolve less and less around girls and sports, and more and more around food and health care.  In fact, if we can’t make it to a morning “workout,” the others best be advised so we don’t think  they’ve been hospitalized.  We wish to thank our photographers.  They are high school sports moms who marvel every day that we as a group are able to stand upright for more than an hour at a time.  Pam initially volunteered to take the photos, but unlike almost all her subjects, had to miss her morning workout because of work requirements.  On this day, Beth fulfilled the role that the world will be forever thankful for!]

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