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[As we await the return of the sailing vessels to beautiful Lake Darling, and before we return to the East Coast trip and Salem, let’s review some recent events.]


[It’s still mostly winter as we gaze out the bedroom window onto beautiful Lake Darling.]


[4 days before the previous photo, which was taken March 30, “Weakie” captured me, in all my excitement, with his 1st ever photo taken with his new iPhone.  We were at the Corral in Nelson, as special invitees to the girls’ hockey banquet.  We always consider the invite quite the honor!  😉  Anyway, it should be noted my pre-event Blue Moon was NOT on the menu at the banquet just down the hall.]


[In an effort to be unobtrusive at the event, I just used my no-flash, snapshot camera from far away in a dimly lit room.  Needless to say, I really didn’t get any good photos.  Here we have the JV team being honored – at least I can identify varsity captains, Shanee’ Herd and Shelby Iverson, in the foreground.]

3-26-13-4 (2)

[Melissa Drown, Nicole Bartels, Taylor Ellingson, and Amy Jost.  All key returning lettermen for next year.]

3-26-13-5 (2)

[Anna Carlsen, Shelby Iverson, Micaela Swenson, Melissa Drown, McKenzie Revering (“Little Rev”), and Shanee’ Herd.  Special award winners.]

3-26-13-6 (2)

[Shanee’ and Shelby, this year’s captains, in a tear-filled ceremony presented the “C” jerseys to next years captains, Taylor and Melissa.]

3-26-13-8 (2)

[Best wishes, seniors . . . and thanks for the memories:  Madi Houska, Sara Schmidt, Shanee’, Shelby, Anna, and Becca Illies.]


[It was about that time that Nelson’s indigenous elephant herd thundered through, bringing a cessation to all other activities.]

Saturday evening brought the return of Lisa Lynn to SAWA.  She actually encourages me to make videos as she establishes her blog site at:


“Fire and Rain” –

“Don’t Know Why” –

“Desperado” –


“Someone to Lay Down Beside Me” –

“A Soft Place to Fall” –

“Wish You Were Here” –

“Old Man” –


The next morning was Easter brunch at the golf club . . .


[On the drive over to “the club,” we were able to confirm that Little Darling was indeed open!]


[But when we got to the parking lot . . .]




[Inside everything was peachy keen as the supervisor led club ex-president, Paul Donley, through the buffet line.  He made sure she wasn’t sneaking any extra biscuits into her purse!]


[As club members, we were delighted with the turnout of over 200 diners!  🙂 ]


[While we were there, we decided to check out the re-designed hole No. 7 from the air.  Looks tough!]


[I forgot to take her picture at the club in her “new” Easter outfit.]


[Of course, then came the inevitable, “Does it make me look fat?”]



[Maybe by July?]

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