We’re Off to the ‘X’


[This is a Sun Dog.  Snowbirds cannot see these.  They only happen when it’s really cold.  It was double digits below zero yesterday morning.]

With fellow Super Fans, Vivian and “Weakie” Annen, we are soon off to the Xcel Center in St. Paul for the first game of the girls’ state hockey tournament (our 7th trip in the last 9 years!) – our Cards v. Red Wing.  You may recall when we left for the ‘X’ in 2008, the year we won the Class A championship, we reported the temperature was 26 degrees below zero when we left Alex, heading for the Cities where it was a reported balmy minus 10.  This morning it is 13 below zero as we ready to leave with a wind chill of minus 25.  Maybe it’s an omen?


[Card girl roundballers beat Detroit Lakes last night.  Not an offensive masterpiece, but it’s still really fun to watch our Cards play defense.  Karly Betterman carried the day again.  Good night all around for Redbird fans – Card boys’ hockey beat Sartell 4-1, at their place, in the opening round of the sections, and the boys’ basketball team beat Moorhead at their place (Moorhead beat us rather handily here in, as I recall, our first game of the season).]


[When Kohler’s not happy, nobody’s happy!  😉 ]


[It’s been a winter wonderland around here lately – about 16″ of snow last week and here are a few photos from last Thursday.  Above from West Lake Cowdry Road.]


[West Lake Cowdry Road]


[West Lake Cowdry Road]


[Dangerous Dan’s]




[On Monday we had a pair of bald eagles, one an adolescent, in our lakeside cottonwood.]





[We’ll end with the Sun Dog . . .]


[And a thought from Danielle’s New Zealand blog.]

I have yet to blog the East coast trip, the Gopher women’s hockey and basketball games, and the Cards girls’ basketball game from last night.  I’m thinking of hiring elementary school interns to help process hundreds of photos.  They are undoubtedly much faster at it than I!  But until then, we’re going to hit I-94 dancing to a whole new rhythm!

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