We’re Still Here!

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We are enjoying Boston’s coldest weather since 2009 . . . B.C.!  Fortunately, this will not be a forever condition.  On the day we’re scheduled to leave for our next venue, it will be over 50 degrees here – stuff happens!


Congrats to our hockey team  . . . and to its seniors, l-r:  Becca, Sara, Shanee’, Madi, Shelby, and Anna.  [Photo contributed by M. Herd.]  We understand we had blog coverage for senior night – and are anticipating their reports.  We will be home in time for sections!  🙂

Will have lots to report from our adventure – I’m sure you’re waiting with great anticipation?  More anon.

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[p.s.  Speaking of hockey, if there’s anyplace in the US that rivals Minnesota as a hockey hotbed, it’s Boston.  This morning we were driving through the McIntire District in Salem, Massachusetts, where we came upon a street hockey game.  It may be surprisingly snowless here (Boston usually gets more snow annually than Minnesota), but there was a sub-zero windchill.  And these weren’t kids!  This is Chestnut Street where the homes built in the 1800’s go for a $million and up.  So the hockey players were young professionals – probably working in Boston’s financial district.  😉 ]

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