When You’re Old(er) V . . .


Left the house this morning.  First time since Thursday morning.  Had to, we were running low on some staples . . . potato chips and doughnuts, and I had to get the newspaper.  But it’s cold now – really cold!  Wind chills approaching minus 30.  Our driveway is a sheet of ice.  When I went out for the “staples” I fishtailed all the way down the driveway and was delighted I didn’t end up somewhere in the front yard.  Then we had a split household this afternoon – a Hoosier v. a Gopher.  At least the Gophers came back to make it a good game.

8-20-09-2So, we’re still not going anywhere.  The supervisor reported dangerous cold when she walked out for the mail.  “Dangerous” Dan actually went into to town to see the hockey tournament in the County Market parking lot – he said it was incredibly cold and windy, so he didn’t stay.  Ergo, how ’bout some nice music?

The lead photo of the supervisor with Dennis Murphy was taken at the winery some time in the previous decade.  Dennis was among the first, if not THE first, local musician we enjoyed following.  The video is Dennis performing Volcano and Mercury Blues at the winery, c. 2006.  The cinematographer was “Weakie”:



And not far behind Dennis came Skilly & Duff.   And we’ve always loved Mikko’s ballad From Clare to Here.  So we’ll give two videos of it!  🙂




[Two people who can bring a smile to your face from blocks away!  🙂 ]

Ruthie's prize

[I’ve been limiting the photos to those I have re-discovered on 4 “old” flash drives.  So, to introduce the next video by Kevin Klimek, in the absence of a photo of him, is the supervisor receiving yet another award from some Air Force general in the Pentagon.  I often told her that’s all they do at the Pentagon is hand out awards!  😉  Without further adieu, we bring you the supervisor’s favorite song by Kevin – and he always plays it just for her.]

Kevin Klimek’s Perfidia:



[This is not Djangleville.  But the following is, with Tom singing the supervisor’s favorite song by them.]

Tom Mulder’s What’ll I Do?:



[This not Dan Mahar.]


[Nor is this.]


[These guys?  Fuhgeddaboudit!]




[But she taught us!]

All above were class of 65ers, or taught them, and thus were big Eric Clapton fans, ergo here’s Dan Mahar singing two Clapton classics:

Dan Mahar’s Layla:


Dan Mahar’s Tears In Heaven:



[At least two more noted class of 65ers.]



That concludes tonight’s musical presentations.  But we have more videos!  🙂 


[Department of Labor employees at Hershey Park, c. 1999, thought you might enjoy “Weakie’s” 10-minute video of our 2008 state hockey championship!]

Alex Cardinals Minnesota Class A Girls’ Hockey Champions 2008 (by “Weakie”):



[The kids at Battle Lake, 2006, (do you remember now?) would like to introduce the video of the girls’ basketball team’s first round game in the state tournament, 2011.]

Alex Cardinals Minnesota Class AAA Girls’ Basketball 2011 First Round:



[And at the Minnewaska overlook, 2006, to introduce a volleyball game v. Brainerd on senior night, 2009, featuring Sam Trumm as the middle blocker.]

Alex Cardinals Volleyball v. Brainerd:



U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey Team v. Alexandria Blizzard, 2009:


Hang in there.  Can’t be more than a couple more?

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