When You’re Old(er) IV . . .


9-4-11-1We’re momentarily out of girl hockey players.  But we believe “the grape” to be a credible alternative lead-off hitter.  As you may recall, the supervisor has been on a crusade to get rid household “old” stuff.  That makes me a little nervous, wondering whether I’m on that list?  We have downloaded the two oldest bottles of wine from the cellar – the one shown above was next on the list, though it was undated.  We weren’t sure where or how we got this, but because of its Cote du Rhone label we have probably been saving it for some time.  Upon closer inspection, the label appears to be “homemade.”  When I popped the cork, I had to laugh.  The cork was labeled “Charles Shaw” – we had opened a bottle of “3-buck Chuck” with a phony label!  Hahahaha!  We like 3-buck Chuck and the wine was just fine.

We’re still housebound.  Outside, the wind is howling and the temperature is plummeting.  The supervisor will not permit me to go out for the paper until daylight.  She wants the EMT’s to be able to find me if I go down!  A winter weather advisory is in effect until noon.  Hey, at least there’s a hint of winter!  Wind chills to minus 25 – bitterly cold for the next 3 days.  That should put an end to the ugly melting that’s been going on!  So, let’s see what else has been gathering dust in the archives.


[“Crazy” Dave has earned honorary Super Fan status.  Although he and Mary find it necessary to escape to Sarasota every winter, he follows the blog with an undying interest in our Cardinals.  Now, if only he could overcome his love of the Buckeyes!  This was his annual pontoon ride around beautiful Lake Darling, 2005.]


[Our son Woody moved with us from D.C.  He lived to be 19, but in his last few years, he was blind and prone to epileptic-like fits.  But whatta trooper.  This was 2006.]


[Jean Alberg Bey, Margi Movold, Russ Bey (fellow class of 65er and Victoria Heights alum), and a guy in some bad hat cruising beautiful Lake Darling, 2005.]

Babes on a Boat:


[Megan and Margi Movold, cruising Lake Minnetonka, 2005.]


[The supervisor and Megan, same boat, same day.  And yes, eventually a waterways constable came by and told the ladies they couldn’t sit “on the edge.”]


[Our Minnetonka hosts, Will and Kathy (the HQ) Skadsberg.]


[Will loved his passengers.  😉 ]


[So long, and thanks, Will and Kath!  (Oh, so you noticed a change of outfits?  Yes, this was from another Minnetonka tour.  🙂  )]


[The HQ’s form of water transportation in Alexandria.  With Robin Movold Neidenfeuer, a fellow class of 65er.]


[The Biddies and the grandson on the Moby Obie for the 2006 boat parade.]


[Let there be parties!]


[Are we having fun yet?]

Picture 009'06

[Hooray for the red, white, and blue . . .]

Picture 013'06

[To the best of our knowledge, Tom was never emotionally scarred by this event.]

Picture 017-1'06

[Would you buy a used pontoon from this man?]

Picture 018'06

[Flagged (pun intended) for a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration.]


[Neighbors Jo and Arnie Lee, and adult kids, positioning for the fireworks on beautiful Lake Darling.]


[The Biddies, top and bottom, float “The Amazon,” the channel between Lakes Cowdry and Darling.]


9-30-06-3[September 30, 2006, Janella’s last boat ride, with all 3 daughters.  It wasn’t that cold, but . . . And she was determined to do it.  We had to have the Lees drive her down and around to the lake in their golf cart – then somehow we manuveured her onto the pontoon from the Lee’s dock. It made it all worthwhile because we didn’t think she’d be able to do it!  🙂 ] 


[If you let her drive, they’ll never be any questions as to whether you chose the correct parking spot!]

Thus endth Babes on a Boat.

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