For The Snowbirds (Well, Mostly)


Last night we celebrated the 3rd or 4th Annual Richie Braun’s For Those Who Stay Behind Pasta or Stir Fry How’s Everybody Doing Get Together at the Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria, Minnesota.  It all began to see if anyone from the Alexandria Golf Club’s senior morning men’s leagues actually stayed here beyond the sighting of the first snow flake.  Those who leave think we’re nuts; we think those who leave are wimps!


Dispersed throughout this posting will be videos of the Jefferson High School Carolers from over the years.  You will get this kind of service no where else:

[Editor’s note:  I have noticed on other postings that while there were many “visitors,” the videos seldom are watched?  Is it a question of how?  All you have to do is double click on the red underlined line above, and a YouTube video will appear like magic.  It is that way through all the postings on this blog.  So, enjoy!  🙂 ]












[Many thanks again to Al and Diann Guenther!  🙂 ]



[And thanks again to Richie and Roger for providing the Wednesday golf cookies and scones, respectively!]


And finally, all the attendees wish to pass along our best wishes to Jack Juettner.  We missed Jack and Alice this year but will look forward to their attendance again next year.  Paul and Merry Donley also were unable to attend.  Paul spent much of his career as an elementary school principal, so the tragic event that occurred at the school in Connecticut yesterday was just too much.

p.s.  It was scheduled to be a dynamite entertainment weekend.  Anthony Miltich and the high school carolers at the winery this afternoon, Lisa Lynn (coming from St. Joseph) at SAWA tonight, and the choir’s Christmas concert at the high school tomorrow.  But where last weekend was snowed out, this weekend we have rain, sleet, snow, and ice.  Don’t know what we’re going to lose . . . event-wise, but the boys’ hockey game at St. Cloud tonight has already been postponed.

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