This Week in Music!

With apologies to those expecting the senior night volleyball game, a mere interlude.  This was a big week for some of our favorite occasional visitors to Vacationland USA, including a new group for us.  But above we have a local – and a previous local.  Paul Meland, on the saxophone, goes to Jefferson Senior High School; and Adam Aastrup, a middle-schooler on the guitar, has recently joined his family as new residents of Cold Spring.  Both have been featured herein before – this is the first time they’ve been paired here.  They are marvelous talents, and I hope the next time they do this I get the proper clearances to video them.  This was Wednesday night at SAWA (don’t fret school, it was MEA week!).

The new group for us was Harper’s Chord at SAWA on Friday night.  We found them terrific – as did the “professional” musicians in our midst.  I could only find two YouTube videos of them – fortunately, I got clearance from them last night to video them as much as I want on future visits to Alex, which we hope will be many.  😉  I just did some stills that night.  We bought their CD, Natural Bridge, which I’m listening to even as we speak.  We had a nice chat with Jill Moore on their 2nd break – she is from Little Falls – the guys, Roger Fink, on the left, and Paul Drinkwine (great name, as she noted, for playing at SAWA, which they loved) are from St. Cloud.  We asked her if she knew the Anez family (Michelle, as many of you know, played for our state champion hockey team in ’08).  She said she did, very well.  Her kids play hockey with the Anez kids.  She said they are doing well.

“Glory Bound”:

The title song to their CD is fabulous -“Natural Bridge”:

[We hope they come back soon!]

Patchouli was at the winery for Apple Fest Saturday afternoon.  Because it was a big event, with lots of people, they were performing outside.  Caught us by surprise!  The temperature was in the 40’s, with gray skies and wind.  Wind breaks were set up on the stage for Julie and Bruce – but we braved the elements, for a little over an hour.  That’s Patchouli Super Fan Bill in his parka in the foreground.  I took one video:

“The Woods”:

[They’re wisely making their annual seasonal trip to Florida this weekend.]

Saturday night Lisa Lynn was at SAWA.  I hadn’t taken many photos or videos of her recently – so I was overdue.  Besides, she has lost 58 pounds since March – so she doubles as a model now!  🙂  Earlier at the winery, the supervisor and I had met a bunch of fun lovers from South Dakota.  They are regulars to Alex – love the winery – and asked us who was at SAWA that night.  We said Lisa.  They asked if she was good.  We said of course.  So, they came (more fun loving then ever as you can hear in the video backgrounds).  After Lisa had been playing for an hour so, they sent an emissary to our table to report they all thought she was very good and wondered if she was our daughter?  We told Lisa.  😉  She reported to them she was 52.  They didn’t believe her.  I guess 52 is the new 30! 🙂  Here are the videos:



52?!  This reignites the old question of Fleetwood Mac or Dixie Chics for best version of “Landslide.” And now comes Lisa Lynn.  Let me know when she hits D.C.  ~  Marcus

“Silver Springs”:

[Half-moon over SAWA.]

[The supervisor with the South Dakota contingent!  🙂 ]

[The supervisor enthusiastically applauds everyone’s performances for the week!  😉 ]

We will be back after several naps to complete Senior Night.

[Amanda C expresses her concerns over the coverage delay!!]

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One Response to This Week in Music!

  1. Jami says:

    Lisa looks amazing! Wouldn’t have recognized her if you hadn’t said who it was… Like the Harper’s Chord Youtube as well. Nice report!

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