Senior Night

Tuesday was senior night for the volleyball team.  It was also the night of the 2nd presidential debate.  Senior night trumps.  The highlights of the debate would always be available later.  So, another group has filtered through the School District 206 system and will soon be gone.  How quickly that time passes.  Just when you really get to “know” the players, they move on to their next stage in life.  The transition from high school to what’s next is a major one – for the players, the parents, and . . . well, OK, as Super Fans we’ll miss them too.  The blog is my public diary, and sometimes it’s fun to go back and revisit a great game from several years ago – and wonder, what are those players doing now?

[Thanks to you-know-who for allowing me to have access to the”Mom’s-only” color photo program.]

[As you can see, it was pretty much a senior team – nine of the 11 regular varsity players.  Juniors Amanda Christianson and Emily Kuennen will be the leaders of a brand new team next year.]

[But not to worry.  The JV, above, just finished a 19-3 season!  Good things ahead?]

[The JV in action.]

[Thank you, Spuds.  Why, yes, we did have a fine season.]

[The varsity takes the court . . .]

[In good spirits . . .]

[Natalie Watkins (7) appears to have spotted a paparazzo in the stands?]

[Empty nester Super Fans?]

[The game plan.]

[Seniors, please assemble for your commemoration!]

[OK, not quite numerically correct, but . . .]

[With so many seniors, the outnumbered underclasswomen, i.e., the presenters, had to hustle.  Beginning here with Amanda C, they all did a terrific job as PA announcers.]

[Shanee’ is called out.]

[She received a hug from Amanda – and a pink bag full of DQ and Jimmy John’s coupons.  (OK, I’m just guessing about the bag contents.)]

[Oh, you.   Well, that’s what Crazy Dave would say in similar circumstances.  Come to think of it, he would have never been in similar circumstances.  Never mind.]

[Adrianne is called out by Emily.  Well, not in the sense of being “called out!”  Never mind.]

[Can I have one of your No. 5 coupons?]

[Just put it in my locker.  Thanks!]

[Jessica, you’re next!]

[Sophomore Amanda Haack is her presenter.]

[The four presenters:  Amanda H, Emily, Amanda C, and sophomore Liz Schultz.]

[Natalie gets a bag and a hug from Liz . . .]

[And a giggle.]

[Allie, you’re next; Emily, it’s your mike.]

[Amanda C provides the hug.]

[Jenni, you’re next!]

[Thanks, Emily!]

[Carli Jo Homan]

[The dash for the hug.]

[GOAL!  🙂 ]

[Tara . . .]

[2 . . .]


[Nicole . . .]

[Oh my!]

[OH MY!]

[Dani . . .]


[Thanks!  Will do this for me in basketball, too?]

[How are the supplies holding up?]

[Amanda C and Emily:  Did we get ’em all yet?]

[I’ll trade you two DQ coupons for a Jimmy John’s?]

[I dunno, what are the face values?]

[A quarter-ton Blizzard v. a No. 5?]

[The National Anthem – there really is a game?]

[Nicole with the introductory pickled vegetable toss . . .]

[I feel like a highway patrolman trying to read an obscured license plate?  Allie?  No, doesn’t look like No. 1.  I give?]



[Well, here’s Allie.]



[Amanda C]




Coverage of the pre-game ceremonies produced substantial product.  Accordingly, coverage of the actual game will take place under a separate, immediately following, column.  😉

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