How ‘Bout Some Nice Music?

Well, since I did promise music in Volleyblog, some time past.  Regarding the title poster, here’s what I e-mailed at the time:   And I give it two thumbs up!  Ruthie & I went last night (September 28).  Big time production play, beginning with Quincy Roers set – three tiers high!  I can’t recall any other play I’ve seen in Alex that had the such a terrific combination of acting, singing, choreography, costumes, lighting . . .  I thought the singing was particularly impressive, especially from the three main characters of Mary Lennox (Bailey Myrin) and the Craven brothers (David Allen Christman and Tim Long).  Even the kids were good (?).  😉  And major kudos have to go to Ben Klipfel, executive director, in what I believe was his directorial debut at AAAA.  I hope you were able to catch it, too?

[On the 27th, Funky Gumbo Trio performed at SAWA.]

We were late arriving at SAWA – a meeting, then volleyball.  Funky Gumbo was playing.  We did not know until we got there that it was Mike Gill’s last performance with the group – he is going to grad school, majoring in saxophone, at either Kentucky or Northern Colorado.  He has been with the group for 3 1/2 years.  They finished the show with Mike’s “signature” song, Sweet Home, Chicago, a 10-minute version that blew us away. Ruthie has always been a big fan!   😉  Unfortunately, my camera decided it wasn’t going to be in focus (?), so it’s like looking at them play under water – but the sound is OK.

The other saxophonist, Paul Meland, is in the high school band, and he had just played earlier at . . . the volleyball game.  I’m sure group leader, founder, and drummer, Bill Engebretson, will fill us in on the names of the other group members.  😉

The supervisor’s favorite song with Mike’s lead:

“Sweet Home Chicago”:’s

[The proprietor will miss Mike.]

[The supervisor is a BIG fan!!  😉 ]

On the 4th, a one-man oompah band was on hand for Octoberfest for members at the maritime museum:

[The outdoor landscaping is really taking shape.]

[Inside everything is looking really . . . crisp?]

[The party room.]

[“Dangerous” Dan ladled out sauer kraut and words to live by!  😉 ]

[With brats, potato salad, and St. Pauli Girl dark, what’s not to like?  🙂 ]

On the 9th, Broadway Ballroom hosted the chili cook-off for United Way.  “Hair on fire,” or words to that effect, took away my taste buds on the first sampling:

[Chili presenters, and there were about 40 of them, were often in costumes of the season.  The supervisor, of course, mostly enjoyed the silent auction items.]

[Drat, trumped by the professional fourth estate!]

Uncle Willie’s Gut Bucket Blues Band performed for SAWA’s favorite patrons that evening:

[Terry Kennedy, retired orthopedic surgeon and now guitar maker; Erik Schultz, banker; Al Lieffort, park superintendent for Douglas County.]

“Wang Dang Doodle”: 

“Me and the Devil Blues”:

[A lovely new Jewett Benson rendition hangs on the wall left.  An Uncle Willie fan resides at the table.]


[Allegedly other Uncle Willie Fans.]

“You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”:

[Da boyz.]

Blog contributor, Sue Elliot, submitted the following Patchouli videos from a recent performance in Red Wing:

“My Train”:

“The Puzzle”:

“Anything is Possible”:

“Sing to Me”:

“The Labyrinth”:

[Bruce Hecksel (photos by Sue Elliot)]

A late addition to this column:  On October 11, Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys, surely the coolest name in music since the Osmond Brothers, performed at the Phoenix Event Center.  As not yet a close personal friend of the Rev, I did not ask for video rights.  Besides, there were always dancers in my line of sight!  🙂

[The Altar Boys disguised as an empty stage.]

[Oh, there they are!]

In the absence of a personal video, I borrowed one from YouTube.  They’re great fun.  However, you will note they did not have a sax player with them – he (in the video) has since retired.  I do not know if they are looking for a replacement:

[Rev likes to wander through his audience while he’s playing.]

[Notorious locals whose panel truck is stationed for a speedy getaway.]

[Still wandering – well-known retired teachers, who are related to each other, seated on the right.]

[Now rising to the heights of a chair!]

[Class of 65er almost hidden in the mood lighting.]

[Dancin’, yeah!!!  The Rev and the Boys threw us off our regularly scheduled date night agenda.  It’s what can happen in Vacationland USA.  We missed the volleyball game, Emergency Stop at SAWA, and the VP debate.  One can only do so much.]

[Contributed by the HQ!  🙂 ]

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