[She floats through the air with the greatest of ease!  Sophomore Amanda Haack executes a jump serve.  It’s a high risk play, but I haven’t seen her miss one yet.  She’s going to be a player!  🙂  It’s a lot harder trying to catch one on camera that’s not blurry!]

We won!  We beat St. Cloud Tech in 3 straight games Thursday, which was fortunate as it was also date night and Funky Gumbo was playing!  😉  I believe that makes us 7-1 in conference with a match-up against undefeated Fergus this week.  Go Cards!

[This is why the staff photographer and I have white lens envy.  On the other hand, it does give and impression of speed and quickness?  With my ever increasing ability to recognize players now, senior Tara LeBrassuer?]

[And the blur at top of this warm-up photo bears a striking resemblance to senior Dani Strater.]

[Ms. Haack (11), again, I presume.]

[Senior Adrianne Wensman gives it the “Is it in?” look while still airborne.]

[The game plan for tonight?  Win!]

[Greetings to the Tigers.  And, for all, remember there is “No Smoking” in the Jefferson High gymnasium!]

[The home team.]

[Dani Strater.  During introductions, the players tossed something into the stands – possibly pickled vegetables?  Possibly beets or herring, but then herring’s not a vegetable.  Well, unless you consider a dead fish to be a vegetable?]

[Sophomore Liz Schultz.  The toss we used playing corn hole at camp.]

[Senior Allie Noetzelman]

[Senior Jenni Wild]


[Junior Amanda Christianson, picked out her folks and hit them with a perfect toss.]

[Senior Natalie Watkins tried it overhand.]

[Senior Shanee’ Herd]

[Do you think she could have possibly seen me, hiding in the stands behind her mom and dad?]

[OK, let’s get started!]

[The defensive line takes position . . .]

 [And action.]

[I think they’re going that way.]

[Shanee’ sets up in back.]

[Emily comes in for Allie.  I still have no idea how substitutions work?]

[Amanda C welcomes senior Nicole Canavati.]

[Adrianne at net watches the ball whiz by.]

[Adrianne has kinda assumed Sam Trumm’s old role – celebrater-in-chief!  😉 ]

[Nicole keeps one alive . . .]

[And Dani knocks it over.]

[Adrianne serves . . .]

[Then saves.]

[Jenni chases a double into the rightfield corner.]

[What are you doing after the game?]

[I’m thinking DQ, then the tanning booth?]

[Listen, if you’re all thinking of going to DQ after the game, do not order the quarter-ton Blizzard!  You’re in training, for crying out loud!]

[I got the quarter-ton last week, but I shared it with the chess club and the Super Fans.]

[Well, let’s close out this first game.]

[OK, Game 2.]

[I wanna dance with you, hold you in my arms once more, that’s what they invented dancing for, I just want to dance with you ~ The Salty Dogs . . .]

[I’m lonesome!  😦 ]

[Jenni gives double secret probation hand signals.]

[Then goes up for a block.]

[Adrianne asks, “Did anyone order my Blizzard yet?”]

[And then helped Amanda C on a block.

[Jenni heads to the left flank in support of Amanda C and Adrianne.]

[Adrianne and Amanda C are skybound again.  As I recall, I asked the Fat Boys just the other day, “When was the last time you jumped?”]

[Prelude to deployment.  Again, either through hand signals or vocal commands, they do stuff about which I have no understanding.]

[Jenni, “You put your right leg out, and you shake it all about.”]

[It’s my ball and you can’t have it!]

[23 – 43xx – slant right – hut – hut!]



[Dani in a balanced defensive position.]

[Amanda H sets.]

[Tara and Amanda C are happy in their work.]

[Allie signals for a slider, low and away.]

Shanee’ serves:

[Are you sure it’s DQ after the game?]

[Were you in the front row or in the back?]

[OK, we have the lead . . .]

[Now keep it, Amanda.]

[I’m serving, right?]

[The Amanda H jump serve – I did get it twice.  🙂 ]

[We’re gonna block here.]

[Dani and Tara go up.]


[Did we do that right?]

[I like mine with Heath bar crunchies.]


[Nicole sets.]

[And we close out Game 2.]

[Big win!]

[A Game 3 set.]


[We did that good.  Let’s do it again!]

Let’s follow Nicole through a point:





[Shanee’ back on the service line.]

[Amanda H framed by Cardinal padding.]

[Looks like Adrianne on the block.]

[Amanda H setting Adrianne.]

[No Blizzard for me.  Going for a chocolate malt!]

[Yup, it’ll be a malt.]

[Our point!]

[We’re getting close!]



[Hit it over, Natalie!]


[I heard that Ole & Lena joke from Beryl.]

[Do you think I should tell it to Amanda H before she serves?]

[Probably not, huh?]

[Not a problem – but remember, I’m only a sophomore.]

[The ole misdirection deploy.]

[Maybe the last point . . .]

[Because game over.]

[We won!  Jenni was player-of-the-game for her complete game.  She plays offense, defense, digs, sets, and kills.  I could not stay for player-of-the-game photos a’ la the staff photographer – see “date night” above.  Amanda C had a whole bunch of kills – when she gets her pitch, she hits it out of the park!  They usually are not touched, let alone returned.]

[Good game, good game, good game, good game, good game, good game . . .]

Next up:  Fall colors, Moby Obie, music, music, music, and more endearingly insipid commentary.

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  1. Dave Serie says:

    Wow..really great to see all those Alex female athletes doing so well in most all sports..they must be hard working and well coached. Congrats to them!

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