Homecoming I

Homecoming is still about royalty, isn’t it?  OK, that’s just the lead-in to the photo filched from the front pages of the Echo Press.  I have to admit to a certain bias here.  I grew up across the street from my class’s homecoming queen and have antagonized her over the years by continually displaying her in this blog.  And this year I have to admit to a certain Super Fan bias – meaning as such our sole purpose in our retired lives is to support the girls’ hockey team (oh, and to pay the bills, too).  And the homecoming queen this year, donning her crown (tiara?) above, is Shelby Iverson, a center on the hockey team.  Becca Illies, to her left in the green (teal? well, any color is just a guess?) dress is a member of her court and a winger on her hockey line.  Shelby will also be a co-captain of the hockey team – and she and Becca will be bellwethers as to how well the team does this year.  And here’s the rest of the court, none of whom (to my knowledge) have had issues such as those recently experienced by the occupants of Buckingham Palace.

[Also from the Echo.]

Thanks to the Education Foundation, on which I proudly serve (until the end of this year, unless there is a Constitutional amendment to abolish term limits), Homecoming, beginning a couple years ago, is now a two-day event.  The Friday is for the Hall of Fame luncheon and the Jeans & Jewels evening soiree and fund raiser; and the Saturday hosts the parade at noon and the football game in mid-afternoon.  We participate in numbers 1 through 3, but for the football we merely spectate.  (They post “spies” at the entrance to field trying to round up almuni football players for the featured halftime “show.”  I, as a fellow now large enough to be a middle linebacker and wearing an almuni t-shirt, am always asked if I was a football player.  My reply is always, “No, because a fellow could get hurt out there, and I needed to stay healthy to withstand the ravages of chess club.”)

It never hurts to advertise:

The Hall of Fame inductees this year were:

Their plaques, like those of their 15 predecessor, will be hung on the Hall of Fame wall by the school system’s administrative offices in Woodland Elementary School.

Lunch was held at the Broadway Ballroom.  Newest board member, Chad Larson, did a terrific job hosting the event – though claiming being the “newest” was how he got the job.  The 230 attendees heard wonderful acceptance speeches from the inductees, or in Bud Peterson’s case, his son.  John sent a video because he was in Spain promoting a movie – but he hopes to make a live appearance at a future event.  Though the program ran just a tad long, I don’t think anyone minded – they were all so heartfelt.

[“Bud” Peterson’s P-51 Mustang fighter plane, named “Hurry Home, Honey,” as his fiance signed letters to him.]

[The supervisor checks out the seating arrangements.]

[For the Jeans & Jewels event that evening.]

[The high school provided the talented musicians.]

[Coverage competition?]

[Our table enjoys the music, our lunch, and, particularly in my case, the Snickers center piece.]

[General pre-program milling around.]

[Then we all came back a few hours later for Jeans & Jewels.]

[Hats off to you!  The evening’s theme, recognizing members of the 206 Club.]

[And the “heavy” hors d’oeuvres are here!  😉 ]

[206 Club members get to have their graduation photos projected on the walls!]

[Kathleen Pohlig won an iPad (by purchasing the lucky password).  It was only fitting – she and Bruce won the ACE (A Champion in Education) award during the Hall of Fame luncheon as recognition for all they have done in support of local education.  🙂 ]

[The Henrys and Mulders report having a great time.]

[Old and new 206 members share stories about their first-grade teachers – or Kim Kardashian (as also Super Fans), I can’t remember which?]

[Promises of future donations?]

[Bob shows off the watch Vivian won.  Why he had it, I don’t know?]

[In the absence of any other ideas on how to wrap this up, sunrise over beautiful Lake Darling on the 18th.]

Next:  The parade and . . . the game!

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