The Staff Photographer is Baacckkk!

[OK, not “the” staff photographer, but now one of them.  This is Roogggg, of previously noted Banff photo fame.  Here he is in front of Half Dome in Yosemite, another “there.”]

Kudos to the staff photographer and Val.  In their first year as empty-nesters, they will continue to provide dual coverage of our girls sports teams.  Sam and Lauren are now both at NDSU, learning how best to control my blood pressure.  My blood pressure would be a lot better if they were both still playing for our Cards!

Before I forget (moi?), our Cards played Sartell in volleyball on the 6th (we won 3 – 1, are 6 – 1 in conference, the only loss a close one at undefeated Fergus Falls) and in soccer on the 11th (a 1 – 1 tie, we are now 7-2-1 in conference, tied for 1st) – a Sabre kind of week.  The girls’ tennis team, more than incidentally, is 15 -1 on the season!  🙂  To paraphrase Jami, if she were to say such a thing, “Girl athletes rock!!” – but she would probably add a descriptive adjective.  And now, the Trumm files from those games:

[Women in Black]

[Emily Kuennen, jr.]

[Dani Strater, sr.]

[Amanda Haack, so.]

[Allie Noetzelman, sr.]

[Jenni Wild, sr.]

[Adrienne Wensman, sr.]

[Natalie Watkins, sr.]

[Shanee’ Herd, sr.]

So, they are a senior team – and probably why they are doing so well despite their lack of size.

[Coach Becky Schlichting]

[Don’t worry, be happy!]

[ . . . on your Glenwood State Bank scoreboard . . .]

[Natalie, stand right there.]

[Yeah, that spot!]

[Now Natalie serves . . .]

[and her teammates block.]

[Let’s see that again on instant replay!  🙂 ]

[Natalie’s on a roll.]

[Tara LeBrassuer, sr., says, “Keep it up, Nat!]

[Amanda winds . . .]

[As does Nicole Canavati, sr.]

[Jenni keeps it in play . . .]

[Then serves.]

[Shanee’ sets . . .]

[Then serves.]

[Not in our house!!!]

[Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!]

[Just keep it up.]

[You go, Amanda!]


[Boom, dynamite!]

[Nat’s had the hot hand.]

[Shanee’ does what Shanee’ does.]

[Amanda serves again.]

[It’s so hot in here! 😉 ]

[Jenni digs.]

[Jenni again.]

[Women in Black, deux]

[Tara, “Is it soup yet?”]

[Allie, “With oyster crackers?”]

[My compliments to the staff photographer . . .]

[This one’s a classic.]

[As is this one!  🙂 ]

[Jenni serves . . . from the far side.]

[Nicole sets.]


[Still waiting on the oyster crackers?]

[All for one and one for all!]

[Without a helmet?]

[Jessica Burns, sr., delivers a high hard one.]

[Dani serves it out?]

[It’s nice to have the staff photograph back for his coverage of “Player of the Game.”]

[Tara wins the t-shirt and pizza (?)]

[I wonder what’s on the pizza?]

And on to soccer:

[Goalie Sarah Bruzek is a blur of action – watch your back, Hope Solo!  😉 ]

[3 Cardinals on the attack – honestly, one of these times I’ll get to a game, get a program, and get to know the players names!]

[It’s No. 15, and unless my eyes deceive me, it’s Taylor Ellingson.]

[The difficulty of photographing soccer is that it’s such a large field.  Though sometimes these long distance shots are really neat!]

[Plus, you can bring them closer through the magic of “cropping.”]

[I know her – it’s Jess Syvrud.]

[Dunno No. 7, but she looks speedy (as if I would know speedy?).]

[Sarah gets ready to kick a field goal?  An extra point?  A home run?  A rouge?]

[The staff photographer hits at least one home run per game – this is the one here! 🙂 ]

[Lotsa running (i.e., hard work and sweat).]

[Jess on a throw-in.]

[Dunno No. 9 – but I’ll fill in all the “dunnos” as soon as I know them.]

[Dunno No. 2(?), but if the football team needs a placekicker?]



[Have you ever seen the photos of my granddaughter?]

[When you get a chance, kick the ball.]

[As far as you can in their direction!]

[And then kick it into their net.]

[Here we go!  Jess on the ball.]

[Ready on the left??]

[How’d it get up there?]

[Sorry, dunno No. 15?]

[Or No. 3?]

[Jess . . . and the guy with the granddaughter?]

[Cardinal AD Dave Hartmann, a/k/a, Tom Mulder’s brother-in-law.]

[Northside Dairy Queen?]

[Hockey star Sheby Iverson is Homecoming Queen (school photo) 🙂 ]

Next sports coverage:  Homecoming!

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