We had company, III-2

[Speaking of “up north,” the supervisor has finished the latest, Trickster’s Point.]

After leaving Itasca, we headed up the road a bit to check on the kids’ “harn.”  They had just been there and missed our current guests by one day.  In lieu of an article photo, they stopped at Purdue one the way home to see grandson, “Joe College”:

[College?  He loves it!]

[This was Jami at the “harn” – I’m a lumberjack, and I’m OK!]

[Her handiwork.]

[They cleared a spot for their next building.]

[And here’s our visit – they just brought up the trundle bed this time so they have comfy sleeping on site.]

[Nice to see Mom’s furniture put to good use.]

[This is all their handiwork – retrofitting a pole barn.]

[Our old front door is now the door between their living area and storage area.]

[And then it was on to Bemidji (about 30 miles from the kids’ place), the first city on the Mississippi, and their first encounter with Paul Bunyan and Babe, the blue ox.]

[The supervisor takes a picture of . . . us?]

[The sculpture marsh by the lake.]

[Scott ventures out onto the 6,000+ acre monster that is Lake Bemidji.]

[It’s Ruthie and Vickie and . . . I’ve forgotten the statue’s name (I don’t think it’s Chief Bemidji).]

[Mother Earth]

[Bemidji is also the city of a sculpture on every corner.  Most of these are new to me.  They get changed on occasion. Here’s a sampling.]

It was time to head for home.  But we were hungry.  Where to eat?  Aha!  Dorset is on the way home!  You’ve seen Dorset on these “pages.”  The Restaurant Capital of the World; home of the Dorset Daily Bugle, published annually whether there’s any news or not; what fun?  How to get there?  The first road we tried was a dirt road, we backtracked and found the next road – pavement!  It was exactly as advertised – a main street, i.e., the entire town of about one block with restaurants on both sides.

[Fajita Loop?]

[A boardwalk!]

[Where we ate – and brought more styrofoam boxes of food home.]

[After dinner, caught “sitting on my ass.”]

[Then the supervisor caught me . . .]

Once home, the continuing saga that was my birthday:

[Once aspired to be a stud muffin; has since come to terms with merely being a muffin.]

There’s one more day . . .

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One Response to We had company, III-2

  1. Jami says:

    You are ADORABLE at 65…

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