We had company, II

[Famous Alexandria landmark that’s a photo op for all out-of-town visitors.]

We had to search for it on day 2.  Three Havens store is under new ownership and is now called Sunnie’s.  The sign was no longer out front.  But since we were there, I decided to take Scott out to Tolena Point – and on that route we found the sign now standing behind the store!     🙂

This was Wednesday – the day we had originally planned for the trip “up north.”  But the weather forecast indicated gray and chilly with the possibility of rain.  Of course, it never rained.  [Editor’s note:  I don’t ever remember so long a stretch with so little rain.  The drought is really . . . droughty.]  So, we did some local stuff.  I took Scott here while the ladies headed to Ron’s Warehouse.  We would meet them there later – hopefully after their shopping was done!

[Editor’s note:  (What, again?)  Some may be wondering about my choices for the article photo.  Where you usually see my smiling, charming mug, you have been treated first to Rooney Mara and now to Ana Marie Cox.  The supervisor always lets me know when one of my “girlfriends” is on TV.  I always ask, “Which one?”  Rooney and Ana are just two of them.  🙂  ]

[On the way to Tolena Point with Scott.]

[On the way back from Tolena Point with Scott.  This, and the one below, are of Lake Le Homme Dieu, of course.]

[Gray, but no rain.  Aaarrrgghhh!]

[It has been said one cannot be a true or honorary Alexandrian until one has been to Ron’s Warehouse.  Here Scott gets his indoctrination tour.]

[The ladies scour the fabric aisle.]

[Scott on a mission with restroom key in hand.  He did purchase duct tape, boxer shorts, a 6-hp weed whacker, and a fine outdoor dining room set.]

[Scott, ever alert to his surroundings, noticed on his first trip to Vacationland USA this place called Sauk Centre that wasn’t too far from Alex. He is a BIG Sinclair Lewis fan, has read all his books, and is now planning on reading them all again in chronological order.  The place was closed on their first trip here; it was open on this day and we had the place to ourselves.]

[Vickie and Scott share a moment with America’s first winner of the Nobel Prize for literature.]

[Where people have come from to visit the Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center.]

[There were even some from Ft. Wayne!]

[Main Street]

[Sinclair Lewis stuff.  Are school kids today required to read Main Street?]

[First we watched an introductory video . . .]

[Then introduced ourselves to the star.]

[More of the star’s stuff.]

[I didn’t recall that this was Lewis’s quote.  I’ll find further use for it!  😉 ]

[You’ll always find this photo at the Palmer House (coming up), so I was familiar with it.  Still an amazing shot for the time.  It’s Sauk Centre in 1901 – so it must have been shot from a balloon.]

[A December-May romance, Sinclair?]

[Sauk Lake, for no other reason than it was available.  But Greystone Golf Course, designed by Tom Lehman, is photo center on the West side of the lake.]

[The Palmer House – it’s haunted, it has warped floors, it’s historic.]

[Here ghost, here ghost.]

[A photo I found . . . interesting?]

[Heading back home through West Union . . .]

[And it’s famed sculpture garden.]

[A final photo op stop at Ron’s.]

[She said she didn’t know the “creature” was there until she saw the photo.  😉 ]

Next – we head north!

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