Life and Times at the AGC (for older people)


OK, I recognize that I promised coverage of “real” sports in this missive.  The volleyball season started last night.  But, as usual, I forgot we had a competing event – The Annual Nearing Season’s End for Snowbirds Tuesday Morning Senior Men’s Golf League Steak Fry and Putting Contest!  Sometimes known as the TANSESTMSMGLSFPC!  I was bound to stick with my generation at the Alexandria Golf Club (hence, AGC).  Nevertheless, I did check in with our on-site stringer at the volleyball game as soon as we got home.  Here is her report:

No need to apologize!  We lost in 3.  The first 2 games were close but the 3rd was not.  They have one girl who had D1 coaches there tonight looking at her.  She had 22 kills.  Hopefully we’ll do better on Thursday! 

Meanwhile, back at the TANSESTMSMGLSFPC, we honored the winners of the putting contest.  The adorable couple at the top of the page, Pat and Bob Peterson, claimed the women’s and men’s titles, respectively, with identical “minus 2’s.”  Pat noted her victory was the direct result of hydrating with the proper beverage; Bob noted he was simply inspired by having played with me earlier in the day.  All were winners with the steak fry!

[Loren Berg, still in recovery from knee replacement surgery, was in charge of the putting contest and led off the event.  Loren was one of several people in the group either recovering from surgery, preparing for surgery, or walking around with casts on various body parts.  It comes with the territory.]

[The line forms at the first tee.]

[The supervisor chases the Bergs around the course.]

[Meanwhile, back on the first tee . . .]

[The course is getting crowded.]

[The supervisor is heading into the home stretch . . .]

[Preparing for her final “tee” shot . . .]

[And in with a respectable one over.  That tied her for 3rd place.  In the playoff, Kathy Johnson made a hole-in-one on the first hole, and Ruthie just missed hers.]

[The next assault begins.]

[The judge’s stand.]

[A cast of thousands.]

[Don Hansen in search of the next “tee” box.]

[Robo’s good side?]

[“Hi, Barb!”]

[Marlene and Richie Braun captured together on different parts of the course.  And a Happy 81st to Richie today!]

[Jim Sevey marvels as Sam Joy chases down a putt with the Schultzes in the background.]

[Suspected Medicare abusers warming seats on the bench framed by the youngest Bergs, Karin and Dave, behind.]

[Enjoyed an interlude watching a yellowjacket “swim” in a beer.  The beast was released from the cup unharmed and appeared to be fine if a bit tipsy.]

[Men’s playoff for 2nd went several holes with Wayne Johnson holding off Dave Berg.]

[The tension was incredible for those with box seats.]

[Starved from exertions on the putting green, we all ambled to our tables.]

[More ambling results.]


[Another lovely evening in Vacationland USA.]

[Loren announces the results.]

[Somebody won something.]

[You need to be present to win!]

[And the winner is . . .]

[OK, now LET’S EAT!]

[Harry arises . . . ]

[To acknowledge . . .]

[85th birthday greetings from the assembled masses!]

[Harry’s keys to longevity!  🙂 ]

Oh, and blog stringer Al Grundei submitted the following on the reconstruction of the new No. 7 from behind the green:

[Lakeside looking back toward the tee.]

[The new green and where the 8th tee used to be.]

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