Photo Booth

[It is what it is.  At grandson Tom’s high school graduation party this spring.  You remember?  You read all about it right here!  😉 ]

[With Mom and Dad.  Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to identify those photos that aren’t really part of this monologue . . . not to be confused with monotone or monomaniacal!]

[Too much sugar?]

[Oh yeah, empty-nesters.  😦 ]

[The pictures are disturbing.  ~  The Nanner]

[Ya think?!!!!!  ~ Brother Cam]

[Sometimes you gotta give one up to the Nanner.]

[With “Mom.”  At least that’s what the sign says.]

[It’s OK.  No one can see what we’re doing in here!]

[With the supervisor . . . the oh so proud supervisor.]

[No, smile this way, Grandma!]

[Alfred E.]

[Mom and Dad.]

[Still Mom and Dad.]

[Mom and Dad, yet again.]

[OK, enough already!]

[Get the hook!  (“Get a room” was another option, but this is a family publication.]

[With Grandma Fran.]

[The oh so proud Grandma Fran.]

[Isn’t he sweet?]

[Grandpa Ed with Jami . . .]

[Honestly, he’s normally a very stable individual!]

[Self portrait.]

[Self portrait 2]

[First indication there may be a problem.]

[The kids, Rob and Jami . . .]

[i.e., those who will take care of us in our old age.]

[Aren’t they cute?]

[Mom and son.]

[“Super Cool”]

[Tom’s physics teacher and the girls Jami thought the boys would forget to invite.]

[And the other girls Jami thought the boys would forget to invite.]

[Lessons learned in physics?]

[Daughter and Mom]


[Did you bring the tissues?]

[Also known as the Kissing Booth . . .]


[It’s camp friends, David and Cindy.]

[The graduate’s parents again.]

[But hey, it was their party.]

[Besides, they’re kinda cute!]

[Jami and friends.]

[They’re kinda cute, too!]

[ . . . and silly!  😉 ]

[And last, but certainly not least, my old traveling companions, The Biddies!]

[We expect Rita to be landing on the shores of beautiful Lake Darling within weeks.]

[We hope she’s wearing her seat belt.]

[The end.]

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