We Had a Mini Class Reunion This Week

And wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall?

[. . . or in a bottle?  Photo actually taken by me almost 40 years ago to the day.  I suspect the fly is no longer among the living, but it seems likely there are surviving relatives.]

As you know, this blog on several occasions has noted that the Class of ’65 turns (-ed) 65 this year.  And as exciting as that may be for us – probably not so much for the rest of you.  For those of us who showed up, it was mainly a celebration that we could still show up.

[Bug-A-Boo Bay was the venue.  We extracted a group of birthday partiers of a similar age from the multi-seat table and began the task of chronicling the event.  The “Trailboss,” a/k/a, Stan Rolfsrud, who was also some sort of class official and who also drove all the way from a southern metro-area suburb just for this event, explained to Nancy Steen Eckdahl, Class of ’67, how to shoot a group photo.]

[And with adjustments to that dial, we all look 30 years younger!]

[Class photo – these were allegedly the best 2 out of 4.]

[For those keeping score at home, as best as I can recall.  Standing (l-r):  Stan Rolfsrud, John Herdan, Bev Roers Korkowski, Charley Olson, Tom Obert, Gary Eckdahl, Betty Larson Butcher; sitting (l-r):  Marlene Zimmel Bettin, Sue Graves Seltz, Pat Collins Owens, Bob Watson, Sara Smith Sevey, Mary Anne Hibbard Estenson, Kathy Sherry Skadsberg, and Billie Jo Jones.]

[And I’ll never forget the day . . .]

[You did what? . . .]

[And then in 1973 . . .]

[No, it was the spring of ’74 . . .]

[Must have been something serious?]

[Yeah, we’re on camera again . . .]

[And then I caught a fish this big . . . ]

[Pat and Bobby share a moment . . .]

[Don’t look now, but there’s some old guy behind us taking pictures . . .]

[But who remembers dates anymore? . . .]

[The Legend of Billie Jo . . .]

[Why yes, we do golf! . . .]

[And I remember graduation day like it was only 47 years ago . . .]

[You Heighters were awesome! . . .]

[Thank goodness the photographer is winding down for his afternoon nap . . .]

[It’s about time!]

See y’all again in a couple years.

In other news of the week – gardens.  The morning of the reunion I had the opportunity to visit some of our local botanical splendors, which seem to be blog favorites.  Up first, Steph Olson’s gardens at the Alexandria Golf Club.  Steph not only is a great gardener for the club, she also has the good taste to be a major fan of Funky Gumbo Trio!  🙂

And now to the reconstruction of Hole No. 7:

[A well-known local car dealer blasts off on the 100-yard temporary No. 8.]

[Crazy Dave ponders his navel.  He previously contemplated his navel, but that was too many syllables.]

. . . but not least, the supervisor’s front door garden:

And the following morning (the 15th), Lisa Grimes was working with the Cardinal stars of the future (stressing the telephoto capabilities of the snapshot camera to the max):

And No. 7:

We learned that morning we had lost a Super Fan . . .

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One Response to We Had a Mini Class Reunion This Week

  1. Bob Rader says:

    I had only the A students. But I did recognize Bob Watson. HA!

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