Camp 3

Before we move on to the great issues of the day, we have to finish camp.  So here’s how camp begins every day.  The flag is raised – and then we sing the birdie song.  I think the supervisor can sing the birdie song – I, like most things, have already forgotten the words.  Something to do with flapping your wings and stuff to greet the new day.  This photo was taken later in the week – it looks like mostly staff, so the children have decided it’s better to sack it in.  I probably captured this on the way to the office to get a better WiFi connection.

[Then we do the lake walk – see opening Camp story.  Like an Olympic marathon, the pelaton tends to spread out, i.e., older people being in no great hurry start to lag behind.]

[Early on we come upon the reader.  She has graced the path for several years.]

[Some lake views as we continued the trek.]

[One household provides a sculptured kaleidoscope for hikers’ viewing pleasure.  The viewer here is the IU faculty member who gave a presentation on international law.]

[Nice lake view there too.]

[The frolicking bears.  And whom amongst us doesn’t like to frolic?]

[I do believe the Johnsonville Brats household received inspiration for the champagne drinker from the reader.  🙂 ]

[They also had a nice turtle.]

[Camp comes into view – we’re now on a faster pace as the supervisor wants to get back in time for coaster making class!]

[Camp sweet camp.]

[I can smell the cookies!]

[Let the games begin!]

[The horseshoe competition was gender specific.  Don’t know why – the women probably would have kicked butt!]

[Our guy Scott (r) gave it the ole IU try on behalf of the protected age group but came up a tad short.]

[I think the women’s championship went into OT.  Irina, from our old hometown of Arlington, Virginia, eked out a close one.  She is a big Washington Capitals fan – and goes to the games with Alex Ovechkin’s mother!  They even went up to Madison Square Garden for the playoff games against the Rangers.  🙂  ]

[The cornhole competition is co-ed.]

[Vickie threw a 5-spot at us at the end of the game to send us to ignominious defeat.  OK, maybe it was just minious?]

[The Biddies checking out the fishing.]

[The ceiling in the dining room . . .]

[And then it was time for the Talent Show.  Remember that issue about no A/C?  Well, I decided not to go this year for that reason – it was a hot night, and it gets really hot in this room.  Ergo (i.e., pretty much the same as “thus” and “therefore”), the supervisor took all these photos.]


[And following in a supervisor video!]

The video:

[And following in a supervisor video!]

The video:

[Our porch – likely hosting a euchre game.]

[Our totem – well, it’s right outside our door.]

[Rita enjoying the “napping room.”]

[Kailyn and me.]

[We think this was our camp kids tubing.]

[We snuck into town one night for dinner – at the aforementioned Lake Street Cafe.  Several other campers had the same idea.]

[Front row seats!]

The next morning began the final day of competition:

[The day begins with the lake swim.  The pontoon hauls the contestants to the far side of the lake at 7:00 am for the one-mile swim back to camp.  Rita and I always think about doing this but usually opt for pancakes instead.]

[The bobbing heads are the swimmers coming across – they are chaperoned by the pontoon and other boats.]

[Then came the William Tell Open.  Danny won the men’s competition last year, so I felt compelled to try to defend his title.]

[One of the campers did a Hunger Games pose for several photographers.  Her resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence was striking.]

[The last time I had touched a bow was probably 1960, making me an odds on favorite.]

[I’d had already pulled out the ones in the bull’s-eye.  And I spotted the field an advantage by performing in the base instability of Indianapolis Colt Crocs!]

[Beth and her husband Chris, who arrived mid-week.]

[Lookin’ good in the neighborhood.]

[Fans are overwhelmed by the skills displayed.  Occasionally someone would actually hit the target.]

[The supervisor keeps looking for the perfect angle – but here catches the arrow at release!]

[OK, I tied for 2nd on the men’s side – but well behind the champions in both the men’s and women’s divisions.  Next year I wear golf shoes!]

[Lunch before the afternoon’s festivities, which will be the subject of the final camp posting (I heard that!).]

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  1. Jami says:

    Finally some pictures of Vickie!! Yeah!!!

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