Camp 2

Opening Ceremonies at Camp Brosius:

[OK, it’s the Olympics.   In our many years traveling the Final Four circuit, we would occasionally meet folks who would become part of the “group.”  One such fellow, with his friends and family, was an attorney from San Francisco.  He was obviously well connected.  There came a time when Basketball Dan’s wanderlust was such that he felt an urge to leave the Continental 48.  He happened to mention to this fellow that he always wanted to go to Wimbledon but tickets were impossible to acquire.  The fellow said, “Oh, I can get you tickets.”  Thus began Basketball Dan’s annual adventures to merry old England (he also goes to the US Tennis Open every year).  Anyway, this is that fellow’s photo from the Olympics opening ceremony – no, neither B’ball Dan nor I were there.  But, back to camp . . .]

Our mornings would begin by tumbling down the stairs to waterfront for coffee, then breakfast.  Staff would be hard at work preparing equipment and facilities for camper abuse.

[The Sunfish were beautiful in the morning.  No, I didn’t ever use them – one could get hurt!]

[The Round House on the point – where morning coffee was available.  Three staffers roomed upstairs.]

[Andre, a/k/a Slim, from Indianapolis, prepared the boats.]

[Young Will, age 10, from Nashville, Indiana (yes, Rita’s home town), was out early that first morning.]

[The supervisor and I were out pedaling around, trying to keep up with Will.]

[Here we’re approaching the swimming area – that’s the Annex in the middle through the trees, and our cottage, Rappaport, is on the left.]

[The swimming area and our cottage.]

[Will, going strong.  Boats producing wake cannot go on the lake until 10:00 am.]

[Will heading home – we couldn’t catch him.]

[Then he decided to head back out again – the scamp.]

[And my favorite photo from the trip – Will standing on his board as a heron flew by!  🙂 ]

[Just a man and his board in the middle of a lake.]

[Will’s younger brothers, Sam (age 9) and Ollie (age 8) join the fray – hide the women and children!  😉 ]

[The boys’ grandma, Cindy (on the left), also from Nashville and who has been to the shores of beautiful Lake Darling; their mom, Kerry; and Kerry’s significant other, John.]

[Long-time “last week group” camper kayaking.]

[Beth and the supervisor – I believe it’s called swimming.]

[Sailing campers – I always thought it was just a good way to bang your bare ankles and shins on hard plastic!]

[Staff on child patrol handle the kids by age groups – bucks, braves, warriors, etc.  I believe these were munchkins.]

[Long-time “last week group” camper later achieved a bucket list item by golfing at Whistling Straits – just a 3-wood and a wedge from camp.]

[And here he “exposes” his noodles?]

[The supervisor covered Zumba – here’s Karina.]

[Andre led the class – the supervisor, and the other ladies, apparently found that attractive as they asked for, and got, another session later in the week.]

[I’m back in charge of the photography.]

[Outside cool (?) down – remember no A/C here, and in the afternoon these rooms were like steam baths.]

[The aforementioned Cindy’s husband is professional artist, David Dale.  Thought it a neat truck.]

[Our porch, and all others, feature hanging towels and swimsuits all week.]

[The path from waterfront to the swimming area.]

[Coming back from the swimming area to waterfront.]

[The 74 steps!!  Try covering those bad boys several times a day!]

[Campers can sign up for field trips.  Here we went to Abler Art Glass Gallery in Kiel.]

[I’m sure I’ll find additional use for this art.]

[The supervisor from above above; Rita from above below.]

[Glass blowing is seldom done in the summer – too hot!  The kiln area above and below.]

[I wasn’t going to let The Biddies be the only ones to have their photo taken with “her.”]

[This is a sculpture – I walked by it several times before I realized such.]

[Glass in-lay patio]

[A country church on the way back to camp.]

[More of the baled field.  Well, I thought it neat!]

[Almost back to camp – reminded me of the golf club’s “3 Gals & a Guy” tournament.]

[Back at camp, Cindy and David were voted cutest couple for their coordinated outfits.]

Still way more to come!  🙂

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