Alexandria’s Magical Musical Tour!

Bob and Pat Peterson, of Alexandria Golf Club and Macalester choir fame, just happened to mention today that they were taking 20 friends to Forada tonight to see Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys.  Which reminded me, Rev & the Boys were sent out on a e-mail list of videos a few weeks ago – they (No. 35) opened “Awake the Lakes” on May 28, 2010.  Included also are a few stills of that event.

[Spencer Christensen, in the foreground, went on to become lead guitar for Funky Gumbo Trio and is now at guitar college!  🙂 ]

[Noted Alexandria music fans, Paul & Deb Trumm, on the right.]

[Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys]

[Spencer’s means of transportation is deemed energy efficient.]

[A visit with fellow guitar player, Al Lieffort.]

[Echo Press editor, Al Edenloff, snaps stage-side photos.]

[Stars of the 1968 Gopher baseball team, Bob Micheletti (catcher) and Rusty Rolandson (shortstop) were on hand.]

This holiday week our friends’ son was in town visiting for several days.  He is a big city guy whose job requires much travel to other big cities.  He was not raised in Alexandria.  He had a cast on one hand, which limited his physical activities.  So, he joined his folks (a/k/a, our friends) at several music venues this week.  He was quite impressed – he did not expect such from Greater Minnesota (the polite term by some for small town in the boonies).  I know that’s still the case for people who actually live in the boonies.  So, here is a working list, a compendium if you will, of the entertainment available within minutes of your front door.  These songs were chosen chronologically, at random, but most were within the last year. The number 47 was also at random, but it is the year of my birth, so it fits.  The last (first) song we put on YouTube was Tom Mulder’s What’ll I Do?, always played for Ruthie.  The next time you want to send your mother-in-law for a night out with the girls, just consult this list.  Chances are one of them is playing in the 5-township area that very night.  And the best thing – to date these people seem to not be aware they can change admission for this stuff?  I feel like I’m stealing!!  With already plenty of adieu, here are videos of the talent that regularly visit our fair city: 

1)   “Walking in Memphis”  – Matt Veline:

2)  “Galway Girl” – Skilly & Duff:

3)  “Sweet Home Chicago” – Funky Gumbo Trio:

4)  “Hey Pocky Way” – Funky Gumbo:

5)  “Jump Jive an’ Wail” – Funky Gumbo:

6)  “Wagon Wheel” – The Velines:

7)  “If I Had a Million Dollars” – Salty Dogs:

8)  “Cannibals” – Salty Dogs:

 9)  “Yakety Axe” – Kevin Klimek:

10) “Classical Gas” – Kevin Klimek:

11) “Forever Young” – Tuckered Out:  

12) “Wagon Wheel” – Salty Dogs:

13) “Hallelujah” – Salty Dogs:

14) “Teenage” – Patchouli:

15) “Cerrickfergus” – Skilly & Duff:

16) “The Law and the Lonesome” – Lisa Lynn:

17) “You’re Not the One For Me” – The Velines:

18) “In Dreams” – Matt and Tommy Veline:

19) “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” – Hot Dishes:

20) “The Woodlands” – Patchouli:

21) Emergency Stop w/ Sami Steidl:

22) “The Puzzle” – Patchouli:

23) “Harvest Moon” – Emergency Stop:

24) “Best in Me” – Patchouli:

25) “SAM-A-RAMA” – Sami Steidl:

26) “Hallelujah” – Lisa Lynn:

27) Sami Steidl w/ friends:

28) “Vincent” – Lisa Lynn:

29) “String of Pearls” – Doc’s All-Stars:

30) “Hallelujah” – Dan Mahar:

31) “Parting Glass” – Skilly & Duff:

32) “Sweet Melissa” – Dan Mahar:

33) “When Annie Took Me Home” – Skilly & Duff:

34) The late, great Christine Rosholt:

35) Reverend Raven & the Chain Smokin’ Altar Boys:

36)  Doc’s All-Stars:

37) Skilly & Duff:

38) “Happy Birthday, Gretchen” – Girls’ Hockey Fans:

39) “Perfidia” – Kevin Klimek:

40) “Rocky Road to Dublin” – Skilly & Duff:

41) “Tears in Heaven” – Dan Mahar:

42) “Layla” – Dan Mahar:

43) “All Shook Up/Ain’t That a Shame” – 57 Chevy:

44) “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Djangleville:

45) “Volcano/Mercury Blues” – Dennis Murphy:

46) “From Clare to Here” – Skilly & Duff:

47) “What’ll I Do?” – Djangelville:

You could do worse than putting these on the ole Victrola and hitting the ‘play all’ button!  🙂

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