The 39 Steps, The 78th Shot, “And Then Came Summer”

[Nice profile!  ~ Amy S.]

Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps debuted at Theatre L’Homme Dieu Tuesday night.  Fun stuff with lots of laughs.  And then I posed with “Al” afterwards.  Oh, and high school classmate Betty [Larson] Butcher provided the entertainment at the apres play party.

[Where Betty played.]

Please indulge me for a minute.  How could I not?  Ran into this gentleman at the golf club the other night, and he mentioned this to me.  I’ll either use it as a masthead or ask him to be my agent.  So, from a former teacher in Alex, neighbor, and now member of the Alexandria Education Foundation Hall of Fame:

Tom: I really appreciate your blogsite and your commentary. As I have told you, you are a very good writer and probably should be drawing a salary from the city of Alexandria and District #206 for your remarkable filming and your readable coverage of events When we are in Surprise, AZ for the Winter period, we enjoy your personal coverage of all the sporting events for Jefferson, and in particular, the coverage of the girls athletic program. I see and hear a lot of my former students participating from time to time in your coverages and enjoy their participation and commentaries. I’m still wonderin’ which one of them was responsible for paperin’ our trees periodically out in Victoria Heights! Of course, the class of  ‘65 would not have even thought about doing that kind of thing, would they, Tom? Anyway, keep up your good work on the blog, we all enjoy it so much!  ~ Bob R.

[I couldn’t think of anything else to do that day.  Blogging hadn’t been invented.]

The 78th Shot:

And the golf photo – Al Grundei was ambling by as I was approaching the 18th green Tuesday.  I just “happened” to mention that if I parred the hole, I would finish with a 38 on the back 9 and a 79 for the round (it was only my 3rd round in the last 6 weeks).  I had pulled hooked my drive almost to the 17th tee.  I thought I could hit a pitching wedge over the trees to the green.  I hit it perfectly, but just managed to clip the top of the trees.  So, here I was hitting my 3rd shot to the green.  Al labeled the photo “The 78th Shot.”  Needless to say, I totally screwed up and took a double-bogey 6 on the hole.  Uffda!!!!

Wednesday is usually buffet night at the golf club.  And we had planned on doing so immediately after stopping at the Maritime Museum (what, again?) to purchase the above book.  On the way, we passed Shalom Lutheran and noticed about a billion cars there – it was the annual pork chop feed!  We did not know – those in charge of advising us of such have been duly chastised.  We continued to the museum.  Once there, however, we discovered it was more than just a buy-the-book event – it was a program.  We decided the pork chop pig-out (a pun) would eviscerate attendance at the golf club buffet, so we stayed at the museum.  I forgot now – where are we?

[Attendance was good.  We had to park in Urbank.  On the walk in, we noticed much had been and is going on on the “backyard.”  I believe they are soon hosting some weddings, and an R & B singer will be performing in August.]

[First stop – as always – the wine bar!]

[And who should be tending?  None other than a smiling “Dangerous” Dan!  🙂  (It should be noted, for appearances sake, he had paid a very recent visit to the dermatologist.)]

[The program site.]

[Wine and hors d’oeuvres in hand, find a seat!]

[The ever-fun Rachel Barduson, from the Douglas County Historical Society, hosted the event.  She arrived in winter attire before “changing” into an outfit appropriate for the occasion.]

[The protagonists.]

[Books were passed around for signings like a high school yearbook!  The supervisor did good.]

[The supervisor with Wilson Schoellkopf, Jr.]

[He played for the Resorters championship (more than once?) back in the day when we all had hair.  He recalled that Dad had written a very nice column about him in the Echo regarding his on-course sportsmanship.  Regarding the Schoellkopf’s in the book, it was relayed that when his father was asked what he did for a living, he replied he owned half of downtown Dallas.]

[Alexandria beaver – looking askance, and wondering when the workers would leave the “backyard” construction so he could get back to his pond?]

[Bemidji beaver – to be used for comparative purposes only.]

And a few photos of the new high school construction, to be a regular feature until completion:

[OK, not a lot happening yet.  The signs are up – and there was one piece of heavy equipment operating in the distance.]

[Right across the street from this – Grand Arbor.]

Well, as long as we’re here, last night Matt and Julie Veline performed on the courthouse lawn for the Red Willow Arts Coalition:

[Bonus points will be given to anyone who identifies the person in the foreground.  Hint: Funky Gumbo Trio.]

[Julie & Matt, obviously.  The crowd approved!  😉  ]

[They were joined by son Will on bass.]

[The Alex class of ’62 were in town for their 50th reunion.  This music, of course, was theirs (the dancers).  Matt relayed the “Day the Music Died” story, and how Uncle Bobby Vee’s “Take Good Care of My Baby” hit No. 1 in 1962.  Matt noted he wasn’t even born until 1965 – the year I graduated.  And that he is 47 years old – I was born in ’47!  This is making me dizzy!]

[Good crowd, good crowd!  ~ Rodney Dangerfield]

[Then it was on to SAWA for the new verison of the Funky Gumbo Trio.]

[Beryl and Don were there – entertaining friends from Arizona and California.]

Thank you! You made my day!  ~  The Nanner (?)

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