Not The Supervisor’s Yard

[Hi!  We’re old!]

OK, a few other things went on this week.  Uncle Willie’s Gut Bucket Blues were at SAWA on Tuesday before a small, but elite, audience.  They’re still looking for someone who can play a really good washboard.  The Salty Dogs were at SAWA on Thursday (Erik, Tom, and Bill) and at the winery on Saturday (Erik & Tom) – Bruce and Annie haven’t been able to rejoin the team since Bruce’s health “incident” so I haven’t taken any photos or videos, absent Annie.  We didn’t make the classic boat show at Arrowwood this weekend because – well, it was just too hot . . . and we’ve been to the Maritime Museum a couple times recently, including Monday:

[We were there for the Gar Wood exhibition.  But first a little nosh and beverage on the “cottage porch.”]

[Mr. Wood put four of these 1,800 hp puppies (aircraft engines) in his boat to reach speeds over 120 mph.  I think the Moby Obie could take him!]

[Known Alexandria golfer, bon vivant, and spouse to a 65er.]

[I think the supervisor always wanted to be a boat model?]

[Outside, work continues on the grounds and gardens.  The “roof” is now up for the stage.  There will be a performance here next month.]

[It’s been tough because too wet has run into too hot.]

[OK, I did pull the camera out Thursday night.  But not for the boys.]

[The camera was for the girls – “Dangerous” Dan’s daughters:  Julie (from Mahtomedi), Kris (from Oregon), and Marty (from California).]

[Sunday our boys played outside at the winery – in 92 degree weather.  OK, we didn’t suffer – there was shade and a breeze.  But it was too hot for photos?]

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