Dog Days

[Because we know many of you have been waiting for the 25th annual addition of the Dorset Daily Bugle.]

The RCC had it right this week when they posted:  Ooooooh, the weather outside is frightful!  It appears likely that the weather is going to dissuade us from taking the Moby Obie out for the Arrowwood fireworks tonight.  When good ole Alex starts having dew points of 75 and heat indices of 106, it’s time to just hunker down.  So, before the craziness of the holiday sets in, let’s just visit where we’ve been.

[The kids came back from Indiana to check on property up by their property north of Itasca.  A quick in and out, they stayed overnight and headed up the morning of the first.  But before that . . .]

[It was tree trimming time last week.  Several of our front yard trees needed to be culled of dead branches, but . . .]

[The bucket lift broke down shortly after they started.  Don’t know when they’ll be back.]

[Of major concern is our grand old American elm, which has protected the west side of the house lo these many years.  We think it has . . . 😦  But, if we can take out all the dead branches, many we can get a few more years out of it.]

[Then it was on to opening night of Theatre L’Homme Dieu.  God of Carnage was terrific, performed by the cast that did the show for 10 weeks at the Guthrie in Minneapolis.]

[The supervisor is the historian for the ladies’ golf auxiliary.  As the cub reporter, and the supervisee, I was tasked with covering their Stableford tournament.  The signature 7th hole at the Alexandria Golf Club on the shores of beautiful Lake Darling.]

[Beryl Waldeland, of Ole & Lena joke telling fame, putts on No. 6.]

[We had hoped to see Cassie & the Bobs perform for the Red Willow Arts Coalition on the courthouse lawn – there were rumors of a triumphant return for Fiddlin’ Sami Steidl.  But friend and bass player, Bruce Kelly, suffered a heart “incident” – of a kind suffered by several in my age group recently – so the group couldn’t perform.  Bruce is doing fine so we hope to see him back on stage soon.]

[So, it was off to SAWA to see Jim Faber and Kevin Klimek perform as Enterprise.]

[The supervisor staked out her corner seat.]

[Jim is Alex class of ’64.]

[A beautiful day on beautiful Lake Darling – before the heat wave hit!]

[Saturday morning, the Moby Obie made its season’s debut (finally!).  The supervisor decided we better see if it still works prior to anticipated holiday use.]

[Things were hopping at Arrowwood.]

[The aforementioned signature 7th hole as seen from lakeside.]

[The Moby Obie’s home is directly behind the fisher guys.]

[Minnesota’s state bird stopped by the say, “Hi!”]

[The supervisor prepares a floatation device.  She will miss her fellow Biddy this year as they enjoyed floating together.]

[Then it was on to Bug-A-Boo Bay for a 60th birthday party celebration for Erik Schultz, lead guitar and vocalist (a/k/a, singer) for the Salty Dogs.]

[The extra warmth and humidity was beginning to make its case, but in the shade it was a lovely night to be sitting out on the shores of beautiful Lake Le Homme Dieu.]

[Erik is known to be the finest guitarist/golfer in the tri-township area.]

[It’s a sign.]

[It’s a sign.]

[It’s a sign.]

[It’s a sign.]

[It’s a sign.]

[It’s a sign.]

[Glitterati came from far and wide . . .]

[Chatting with Mikko.]

[Kathy distributes the cake.]

[As dusk, the moon, and mosquitos began to settle over Bug-A-Boo, we bolted to SAWA to catch the last set of Lisa Lynn.]

The kids left Noblesville, Indiana, under the weather conditions below.  These weather patterns have left Brother Chris and family in Stafford, Virginia, 50 miles south of D.C., without power since last Friday.

[In the shade!]

[Their “harn” (house barn) north of Itasca.]

[So the kids came home early from the “harn” on Monday afternoon – it was just too hot to stay up there.  Little did they know they were getting out of town just in the nick of time.  That evening another storm ripped through their area and caused a lot of damage in Bemidji and Grand Rapids.]

[And yesterday evening they decided to head back to Indiana.  Earlier in the day, we did take them out to the ecohouse and the cordwood house previously featured in the blog.]

The rest of the holiday week will have everyone keeping an eye on the weather.

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One Response to Dog Days

  1. Jami says:

    Love the photos! We sure had a great trip and really enjoyed seeing you… even though the trip was so short. Soon enough, we’ll be up there for good!

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