Softball II

[The banquet on June 13.]

We’ll wrap up this puppy with the staff photographer’s coverage of the Apollo game (a big win) on May 15 and the post-season banquet where the ladies can let their hair down, so to speak.

[Taylor Ellingson]

[The girls have hockey scrimmages this weekend.  We hope to see Taylor playing there.]


[Emily Kuennen, first base]

[Jess Syvrud, 2nd base; Mikayla Lucas, right field.]

[Danielle Carlson, shortstop (and below)]

[Sarah Bruzek, 3rd base]

[The Fans – taking photos and studying their tout sheets.]


[Dani, Jess, and Rachel Peterson]

[Amanda and Jess.  Will spend a lot of time together on the basketball court next season.]

[Amanda and LT]

[Jess and LT]

[Sarah and LT]

[Sarah, Jess and LT]

[LT and Danielle]

[Dani and LT]

[ErinAnn Schueler and LT]

[Mikayla and LT  🙂 ]

[Emily and LT]

[LT and Quinn]

[LT and Coach Randy Albers]

[Quinn and Albers]

[Albers and Mikayla]

[The seniors]

After two beautiful days, today looks like it’s going to be a good day to cover . . . hockey!

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