Will the Cruise Never End, II?


[Editor’s note:  Whenever you receive a missive that begins “Friends,” you can be sure it will be about one of two things.  You will either be asked for money . . . or it will be a tale of woe.  Woe is me!]

Yesterday morning I was moping around, concerned about my inability to play golf again on that day.  Ten days ago, I pulled my right glute playing golf.  It takes a pretty special player to be able to do that.  I was playing well, so I continued to play.  Four holes later I took an “arrow” to that same spot and the strain went into my hammy.  I was done – and I figured likely for at least a few weeks.  And I was moping around because the weather limited any other options – though I did read my first William Kent Krueger novel – and I had nothing to blog.  We had hit the dead zone athletically.  So, I resorted to the excitement of deep and current archival material – Ballgame and Cruise.  I was able to make it out to the winery on the solstice for storytelling – ah, blog material.  Then yesterday I was struck with other issues – a summer cold was making an entry into my already wracked body.  The limp I developed from favoring the “arrow” shot pain reactivated my old sciatica issues.  Then by yesterday afternoon laryngitis decided to pay a visit.  All this time I had been touting myself as the only member of the Fat Boys Walking Club who wasn’t on meds or regular doctor visits.  I was (and am) a mess.  That’s why I’m up at 12:30 am doing this – sleep is going to have to come and knock me out.

Yesterday afternoon, the supervisor went to the chiropractor (yes, she has issues too) while I was napping.  She brought home Chinese for dinner.  She forgot we had three events that evening.  The first was a member social at the maritime museum.  They had food and beverage.  Oy.  Lots of good things going on there – so I took lots of pictures (more blog material).  Then we were going to the courthouse for Doc’s Dixieland – and then to SAWA for Al and Terry.  But we had had it after the museum and went home.  😦  Right before we left for the museum, I got a “note” from the staff photographer.  He had posted the last two softball games and the postseason banquet.  Now I have lots of blog material!  Just as well – it appears I will be laid up for a while.

[I forgot where this took place, so I’ll stick ’em in here.  These are Tom’s photos of their cave tubing adventure.  We older folk thought it might be too rigorous for us.  They said we would have been fine.]

[Meanwhile, back on board ship.]

[And back off again.]

[The supervisor was really getting into this ferrying situation.]

[Our Mayan ruins tour guide, Gabby.]

[Black coral (sounds like a poisonous snake?)]

[In the ruins.]

[“Master of all he surveys.”]

[A flower – of the botanical variety.]

[A new use for my new Bob Marley bandana.]

[To the beach!]

[Mmmmm, lunch.  Not Taco Bell’s.]

[Tom sun blocks grandma.]

[Not a bad place!  🙂 ]

[A young man and his ocean.]

[Adios, Cozumel!]


[The epitome of suave and debonair.]

[Methinks the cruise is finally over.  😦 ]

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