Summer Solstice Storytelling

Finally, a nice evening!  While the supervisor was off getting election judge training, I joined a sizeable cadre of folks anxious to get out of the house for some quality entertainment at the winery.  They done good!

[Using a technique honed through years of study at the Peeping Tom Institute of Papparazzi (PTIP), photographing the photographer – Marilyn, this is your moment.]

[Mikko in silhouette.]

[Late arrivals (moi)  found seats in the back row – so I went for a stroll.]

[An impish Mikko ducks under the lens.]

[PTIP strategies capture Jewett.]

[And Amy.]

[I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.]

[Mary Pohl, the North Carolina nightingale.]

[Noted fans of the Trumm sisters.]

Terry Kennedy, a retired orthopedic surgeon ventured in the realm of obstetrics for what he calls a medley of his one hit – “Swimming Alone in the Dark”:

[At performance end, a brother and sister – and I’m sure I’ll be advised by someone again as to who they are – did a quick couple of songs.  Terrific!  I was told she appears in this U of M flash mob performance, but I’ll be darned if I could find her.]

[Next up:  The Boats!]

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