Will the Cruise Never End?

[Jami at the bow – guiding us out of Tampa Bay.]

And the answer to the question is . . . maybe?  Try as I might, I could not be everywhere on the trip.  So these are contributed photos from other family members, mostly Danny.  And if I’m not taking the photos, that means I might . . . be in ’em!  😉

[The Montreal sisters.  Among our favorite “other” passengers.]

[J learned quick!]

[It may have been a signal?]


[Ahhhh 2!]

[Ship restaurant mural that caught our attention.  Dorothy Lamour?]

[Woo-woo!  First stop – Roatan, Honduras.]

[Jace (below), our tour guide, was probably hassled daily by the local authorities??]


[Rita liked it!]

[Jami gets her dreads.  Several people came back to the ship with them that day.  🙂 ]

[Rita buys sunglasses at Bananarama.]

[The water was clearer than in our bathtub – particularly after I get out!]

[Dorothy Lamour?]

[Who do we pay and how much?]

[Would probably have been amazing.]

[Cheeseburger in paradise?]

[And away we go.]

[Whatever it is, tell them to bring us a cold one!  (I’m the bald one.)]

[I heard the Slauson cutoff was closed?]

[An infinite number of Dannys.]

[Tom takes a load off.]

[Help!  Help!  I’m trapped in my state room!]

[It’s OK.  I wanted to be here anyway!]

[The kids room in the star.]

[Jami and the supervisor always managed to get front row seats?]

[Possibly TSA agents looking to frisk me . . . again!  I slipped into a perfumery and made my getaway.]

[I believe a 2nd cousin – he knew Aunt Inga?]

[Just say no to crack!]

[The siesta – the true sign of a civilized society!]

[Rita and I in the background asking that eternal question, “Lunch?”]

[Jami once again rubs elbows with the stars!  😉 ]

[Yup, that’s my boat!]

[The lower level – where we finally lunched.]

[Just be careful regarding your employment of the above sign.]

[We barged right in on this woman and her baby – she was pleasant enough despite this.]

[Too cute!  Destined to be in many cruise memory books.]

[It’s a PAR-TAY!]

[ 😉 ]

[And just watch the world go by.]

[Oh, taxi!]

[Danny found my cousin!]

[It’s not easy being green!]

Next up?  The next stop!

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