Graduation Season III

Wrapping up the grandson’s big day.  A lot of these photos are by his dad, including this one.  They will be so identified.  Noblesville High School had a 2012 graduating class in the 600’s.  Next year’s class will have over 800.  It’s a BIG school.  Noblesville has a population of 65,000, and this is the only high school.  It felt like a college campus.  Graduation was at 7:00, the school doors would open at 6:00, we were advised to be in line at least 45 minutes before then.  We were about 25 minutes early and were blocks from the doors.  By the time the doors opened, we were in the closer half of the line.

Graduation Day by The Lettermen:

[Get the video started, minimize it, and listen while perusing the pictures!  🙂 ]

[Dad helping with a nip here and a tuck there.]

[It was initially a spontaneous moment – I asked for it again.  🙂  ]

[Proud parents.]

[The following close-ups by Dad.]

[Photograph, me; camera, his.]

[Down to Fran and Ed’s, the other grandparents who handily only live a block away.]

[(By Danny, as well as the next four.)]

[Now we’re in line at school.]

[One end of the large building.]

[We’re in the final approach.]

[The line serpentines for blocks behind us.]

[Landing gear down.]


[Tom standing looking for us.]

[Receiving his diploma.]

And now a similar series from Danny:

[Tom checking the crowd for familiar faces.]

[The valedictorian – a young woman of great elevation, physically as well as mentally.]

[The hardware.]

[Only one other student – the valedictorian (?) – got a brick!  🙂 ]

[Graduation dinner – bison burgers at “Ted’s.”]

[One more gift?]

[Singing accompanied by Granny Fran (by me, again).]

Well, as long as we’re doing family graduations 🙂  :

[Jami graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a metallurgical engineering degree in 1991.]

[With her mother’s boyfriend and her mother’s mother.]

[Voted most likely to go through life with the bubble a little off-center.  As a result, his high school is soon to be replaced.  (Psst, it’s a fake tie!)]

[Laura and Larry McCoy subsequently raised their kids in this house.]

[One of the last known shots before the hair decreased and the pounds increased.]

[Either a toast to grandson Tom or an original ad for Hair Club for Men?]

[Either the supervisor on her 46th birthday . . . or Doris Day?  Well, it was in the vicinity of the graduation photos.]

Graduation in video:

Next up:  We return home for graduations and state tournaments!

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