Graduation Season

It’s always nice to begin with an inspirational message.  More on this later.  But now it’s time to get back to the issue at hand (after a couple of detours) – graduations.  So, we return once again to the fabled land of the Hoosier.  Grandson Tom’s graduation party has been chronicled – but the event itself did not take place for another week.  The supervisor and I decided to bide our time in the interim with side trips and visits with other family.  When last we left you, the girls were headed for the community pool . . .

While son-in-law Danny was taking me to Alexandria, Indiana.  Well, there were other stops before and after Alex.

[The other end of the lake from Tom’s graduation party.]

[Elwood, Indiana, once infamous as the national headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan.]

[Elwoodians (?) preparing for the Memorial Day parade.]

[As with most towns of this size, a church is the signature landmark.]

[Elwood is also the home town of Wendell Willkie, who ran for president against Franklin Roosevelt in 1940.]

[After our tour of Alexandria, it was off to Mounds State Park near Anderson.  Of course, we’re all familiar with Indiana mounds in this area.]

[Danny approaches Circle Mound.]

[As I’ve always said, when traveling . . .]

[On to Great Mound.]

[We had a nice chat with this family, but I’ll be darned if I can remember where they were from?]

[Having fun with the panorama feature on Danny’s new camera.]

[There once was an auto plant here . . .]

[Danny worked here in 2006.  A mile-long, up to 6 stories high, building that made lamps for GM cars in Anderson, Indiana.  Nothing left now – not even the asphalt parking lot.  Danny was just flabbergasted.  The whole operation moved to Canada – Anderson lost 30,000 jobs.]

[Back to Noblesville, Tom was checking out his haul!  😉 ]

[Mom was taking inventory.  I think the take was more than the cost of my first year of college! ]

And now four more of the same event by Danny.  Tom is famous even among his peers for his t-shirts.  Love “Coolige!”

[Including of the supervisor and Grandpa Ed buying pizza!  And we bid a short adieu to the Gaithers.]

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