[Mom and Dad Gaither on their way to “supervise” White Out (everyone wears white) night on the cruise ship.  Yes, we are revisting the cruise, as we will continue to do as other family photos have arrived, because this was the prelude to graduation – the theme of blogs to come.  Grandson Tom requested this cruise – as his graduation year spring break.  We begin (and end?) with a series of photos of a teeming mosh pit of American utes!  When the supervisor first saw these, she said, “Oh, I wish I would have gone!”  Well, no, she wouldn’t have been invited – and two, as I recall, we seniors were in total slumberland as this was taking place.  Frightening!]

[Oy!  All photos herein from Dad Danny.]

[Still searching for the boy.]

[Ah, there he is!]

[Stuck in the middle with them.]

[Tom signals touchdown?]

[Already a song-and-dance man in show choir, Tom works on his moves!  😉 ]

[The drinking age in international waters is 18.  So, all these soon to be graduates could drink with a signed release from their parents.  Tom was asked if he wanted to (it was his party, after all) – he declined.]

[The bar angel?]

[We met her and her mother in the atrium one afternoon.  She was also graduating from high school this year.  We asked if she had met Tom yet (and described him) at any of the teen events.  She had.  🙂 ]

[The above venue in daylight.]

[Mom and son wrap up a long evening.  Yawn.]

[Now let’s go work on our tans . . .]

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