Alexandria, Home of the . . . Tigers?

OK, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.  But several days ago we left the cozy confines of home to venture out on America’s highways and byways on Memorial Day weekend.  Always a bad omen considering our usual travel misadventures.  Actually, Memorial Day weekend just happened to coincide with the one and only grandchild’s graduation from high school in Noblesville, Indiana.  Since he is a very smart and handsome young man (of course!), we were proud and delighted to be part of his week-long festivities, overcoming our trip trepidations to be there.  The trip is a story for another day.  The graduation party has now come and gone – also a story for another day.  We will visit other Hoosier family in the interim between now and graduation on Friday – stories as yet to unravel.

Memorial Day dawned with the promise to be yet another 90+ degree day here in Central Indiana.  (The previous day’s Indy 500 was run in record high temperatures.)  The ladies decided, therefore, it would be a good day to spend time at the pool.  The son-in-law, Danny Gaither (his last name will take on added significance as we proceed), decided it would be a good day to take me to Alexandria . . . Indiana.  [Editor’s note:  I could have been an Alexandrian my entire life – except I opted for Arlington, rather than Alexandria, Virginia, to save about 10 minutes in commuting time.]

Alexandria is about 20 minutes from Noblesville.  It’s population is 5,000+.  The locals refer to their town as either “Alex” or “Aleck,” not “Alexandria” – sound familiar?

[Note the street sign is Broadway!  🙂 ]

[We parked and walked around dowtown – cute, huh?  We were thankful we only had to cover a couple of blocks – it was more than balmy.]

[Hawking the Alexandria Times-Tribune.]

[Go Tigers!!]

[Fortunately, a school employee was there watering plants around the tennis courts – the coach? – and he permitted me access to the school for . . . well, you know.]

[And now “so long” to the Tigers – and hello to . . .]

[Do you remember the son-in-law’s last name?]

[The Gaither family is big-time gospel music performers . . .]

[And this is where they, and other big-time gospel performers, record.]

[Danny, to his knowledge, is at best a distant relative.  😦  ]

Thus endth the tour of Alex.  We hope to be returning home to Alex this weekend.  Afterall, graduation parties aren’t restricted to Indiana!  🙂  ]

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