That’s Entertainment!

[Grandson Tom prepares for Show Choir as the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Flying Circus!  🙂  ]

Within the sudden plethora of spring sports events (two softball games and a track meet to follow this missive), we had the 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby fundraiser for Theatre L’Homme Dieu (TLHD) at the Alexandria Golf Club and the usual assortment of music, music, music.

[Local icon and gadabout, “Dangerous” Dan, toasts one and all on behalf of TLHD.]

[And looking lovely with the supervisor.]

[Appears to be having fun (and below) despite a total disinterest in horse racing.]

[Doing their bit (a play on horse racing?) for the arts.]

[The supervisor and someone who shares my birthday.]

[A natural ponytail (a play on horse racing?) . . . and one made out of taffeta?]

[The supervisor and a known area tenor.]

[Thanks Michelle and Chuck!]

[Pretty as a picture.]

[Dancin’, yah!]

[Reaching the height of her profession.]

[Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!]

[He won’t mind being used as an event break.]

[The following weekend (a/k/a, the last one) began with another premium performance by the Salty Dogs at Carlos Creek Winery.  Though a pretty day, it was quite windy meaning any videos would have come with a howl.  Apparently that also dissuaded use of the camera’s still photo capabilities.  We just enjoyed the music tucked under our blankies.]

[But, hey, Mikko was there!]

[Sunday was the annual Mother’s Day brunch with the Annen’s at the club.]

[Several people enjoyed the goodies!  🙂  ]

[Here he is again – with his fashion designer!]

Then it was on to the winery, which was introducing a new wine, Aurora, made for the first time from grapes exclusively grown on the property.  And Bruce Hecksel, of Patchouli fame, was the artist who designed the label – and he and Julie just happened to be there to perform on that day:

[Local fan with camera shoots from behind local druggist.]

[Same local fan with same camera shoots Patchouli again.]

[Local fan shoots local fan.]

[And the supervisor was just delighted to be there.]

[Sue Elliot, traveling fan from Burnsville in the foreground, advised that, as with the previous day, it was too windy for videos.  She took several good photos, however (soon to follow).]

[Julie and Bruce together as “Patchouli.”]

[A red sparkling wine, making it rather unique.]

[Zing went the strings of my heart.]

The remaining Patchouli photos were submitted by Sue:

[This is what’s called a comedic interlude – either that or an old man.]

[From here we’ll just laugh our way to the next story.  Thanks, Sue!]

[New Ulm co-eds (from other schools) frolic on the grounds at St. Thomas University.  And whom amongst us doesn’t like frolicking?  Photo from the StarTribune.]

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