Better Than Netflix . . .

Because you either know the participants . . . or you are them!

The above site includes all the YouTube videos posted in this blog, I think.  And if you want to go back even further, the videos posted under Ruth Obert go back to the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  I thought of this last night when the lead guitar player for Funky Gumbo Trio, Spencer Christensen, told the supervisor he has watched every video we’ve posted – and wished we would do more!  🙂  [Editor’s note:  I have subsequently been advised by the supervisor that she meant Spencer Johnson.  Accordingly, please disregard the preceding and following sentences.]  A young man of refined tastes with a descerning eye for amateurish cinematography.  Then today I decided to post the little over one minute video of our Norwegian Star leaving port at the beginning of our cruise (note The Biddies waving about halfway through) – and I noticed that the other videos not only didn’t have mass appeal, they didn’t even have mass play.  Since the blog generally receives enough hits to “finance” my jelly bean habit, I could only conclude that the readership didn’t have time for a movie at the time?  So, here they are – all in one place.  Alexandria’s finest athletes and musicians – in a family-friendly format, nothing should be beyond the scope of a PG-13 rating.  And because they are of limited duration, there will be no time for popcorn – and its subsequent after mess!  Without further adieu, and absent the usual still photos, we bring you Alexandria in sound and motion.

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