Take Me Out to the Ballgame II

A couple more as yet un-rediscovered at the time baseball went to press:

[Brother Cam (r) with “Dave Winfield” at the new Twins stadium.]

[Ally Teclaw, Cardinal centerfield, making a great catch in ’09 – best Echo sports photo!]


[Probably not from this century.]

[With Uncle Dick and sister Gretch at a game at the Central High School field, c. ’55-56.]

[On an Alexandria Golf Club menu, I got signatures of Gopher stars Bobby Bell, Sandy Stephens, and Bill Munsey, c. ’62.  My only other collected signatures were from the ’64 St. Louis Cardinals – I wanted Stan Musial’s!  😉 ]

[Gophers playing Colorado (I believe) at Memorial Stadium in ’72.  Is that Mike Steidl (No. 36) playing middle linebacker?]

[The Gophs lost as I recall.  This looks like a Buffalo TD on this play.]

[Yup, here’s the extra point.]

[“Slingin’ Sammy Baugh” for the Gophs?]

[Band Day – but then that’s just a guess.  😉 Score looks bad for the Gophs!]

[World’s No. 1 Fan – Dickie T!!!]

[Gopher game at Memorial Stadium in 1974.  The IDS Tower was the Minneapolis skyline.]

[Hans climbing the stairs to join us.]

[Dickie T and Hans at the end of the game.]

[We got the “OK” sign – Gophs must have won.]

[Basketball Dan trying to recover from all the excitement.]

[Well, actually there was some close-by excitement . . .]

[Calhoun’s ribs in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1993.  Mmmmmm!  But I didn’t like “Rocky Top Tennessee” before that day.  After witnessing a game in Neyland Stadium, I grew to absolutely despise it.  It’s really easy to be in the band there – it’s the only song they EVER play!]

[Basketball Dan’s internationally-famous annual turkey day, this from ’03, when people from his distant, and obscure, past get together to dine on bird and watch a raft of football games on TV.]

[Building the new TCF Stadium, a/k/a The Bank, for Gopher football in ’08.]

[Every county in the state is named on the exterior walls – here’s Douglas.]

[And our first game at The Bank in ’09.]

[A slight change in the skyline from Memorial Stadium days.]

[But a campus constant going back to my days of pretending to be a student – Campus Pizza!]

[We’re No. 1!!]

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