The Aftermath: Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Where in the World is Ruthie, II

“Ballgame” drew beaucoup responses (some “amended” for purposes of a family-friendly document):

Tom Anderson: I think Bert Campaneris was #19. . . I’m guessing that #2 on deck was the “ever-dangerous” Angel Manguel who played some outfield.  I believe he became a “Sandinista” and helped bring Oliver North down!!!  Just kidding!!

I think Mr. Pohl is correct and the Yankees catcher is Thurman Munson. . .my guess was Graig Nettles at 3rd, however, if it was a year before he arrived in NY, it could be a guy named Cox. . .can’t remember his first name but he was supposed to be another Mickey Mantle. . didn’t make it.  Even though Dave Duncan was a catcher on the A’s at that time I think the guy in the picture is #36 which would have been Gene Tenace.

In any regard, great photos of the Met. . . brings back great memories of going to games there with my dad and the rest of the family. . . not many fans in the Griffith era though!!

Danny Thompson at short for the Twins did die of leukemia at age 29.  Little known fact about him. . . he teamed at SS with Alexandria’s own Rusty Rolandson at 2B for a two years in the minor leagues in St. Cloud in the Twins organization.  Don’t know if they had more double plays than the Deleski/Rolandson combination though!!!!

Seeing the photo of Bob Hawkins brings back great memories of a wonderful guy!!!  Always nice whenever you saw him.

Little know fact about me. . . I was the Clipper baseball batboy for about 5 years in the 1960s!!!

Mike Scarborough: I meant Brye, not Braun. Darwin wore #2…Zoilo was long gone by ’72. He played short for the pro softball team in ’73 or ’74—the “Goofies”, slow pitch. Their rover was my teammate who was also the SCSU basketball captain…he once threw out a runner at first from left center, what a frickin’ gun. He and I played “burnout” where one guy stands at first the other at catcher—throw as hard as you can and step closer to one another with each throw. After about 4 throws and with the rest watching I hollered “I quit! That was . . . smoke!” He was Smoke from then on..That summer we were 68-14, went all over MN and the Dakotas…

If it is 1972 that is probably Steve Braun in left field..As for that Bobby Darwin photo, didn’t Zoilo wear #2? Or was he 1? Maybe in ’72 he was gone…

Catcher is Gene Tenace..he played first and caught. Don Mincher was an A then, too…

Jim Pohl: Your baseball quiz.   In 1971, the A’s catcher would have been Dave Duncan, and I’m guessing the 1st base coach was the long-time Yankee’s 3rd base coach, Frankie Crosetti although it could be Quilici.  At the Yankee’s game in 1972 the catcher would have been Thurmon Munson, the 3rd baseman would have been somebody like Gene Michaels (one year later, it would have been Graig Nettles), and the Twins’ left fielder was probably Bobby Darwin, although it could have been Charley Manual.  Close?

Me: I have no idea?  But I think you done good!  Now, who was catcher for the ’86 Mavericks?

Jim Pohl: Ooo, ooo, I got this one.  That was Harley “Hard-Hands” Hattselford, who left after one year in disgrace after . . . made the tabloids.

Me: Correctomundo! Ole Harley was subsequently detached from his job as an investigator for MSHA when it was discovered he didn’t know what a “mine” was.

Crazy Dave: Just a bit of trivia…it isn’t Bobby Mercer…it’s Bobby Murcer.  Hell of a ballplayer and one hell of a man. Regards, Grantland Rice


1 – Chatel, France (1997, as are all the Europe sites); 2 – Chamonix, France, with Mount Blanc (the highest mountain in Europe) in the background; 3 & 4 – Vevey, Switzerland, on the north side of Lake Geneva, and where Charlie Chaplin moved (another story); 5 – Indianapolis – the Gophers were in the Final Four!; 6 – Central Park in Brussels, Belgium; 7 & 8 – Grand Place in Brussels; 9 – Chamonix; 10 – Manneken Pis, Brussels; 11 & 12 – ‘t Serclaes, Brussels – rub the bronze statue for luck and to keep in shiny; 13 – Chamonix; 14 – Lake Geneva (Lac Lemon) in Geneva; 15 & 16 – Chatel (home base in a chalet); 17 – Manneken Pis; 18 & 19 – Evian (the water source); 20 – Geneva; 21 & 22 – Yvoire, medieval town on the French side of Lake Geneva where the supervisor and Michelle bought hats; 23 – Thun, Switzerland (a storybook town); 24 – Zermatt, Switzerland; 25 – Baccarat, France; 26 – Brugge, Belgium (an all-time favorite); 27 – Thun; 28 & 29 – Jungfrau region @ Grindelwald w/ the Eiger, Monk, and Jungfrau Mountains; 30 – The Matterhorn; 31 – Newseum, Arlington, VA (now in D.C.); 32 – The Matterhorn; 33 – Netherlands-Belgium border; 34 – Netherlands; 35-37 – Ghent, Belgium. 

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