Of Fan Clubs and Classical Music

Lauren Trumm’s fan club – well, at least two of them.  When young girls can have high school role models, that obviously helps establish and maintain solid programs!  🙂  This, and the following photos, are by the staff photographer of the opening section game against Sauk Rapids.  As you may recall, we fans in the stands and the KXRA broadcast team could never remember a game that started 41 – 0?

[Amanda C is introduced to the player who would ultimately score the Storm’s first point of the game, making the score 41 – 1 with 1:13 minutes left in the first half.]

[Whitney’s meet and greet.]

[Amanda C wins the tap.  “Old Squint” in the background running a video.]

[The Super Fans trying to contain their excitement.]

[Amanda and Jess]

[It’s hard to inbounds.]

[The Storm’s first point!]

[Whitney towers above her teammates.]


[“Can you get us 36 tonight?”]


[“How about the next game?”]



[A whole new team on the floor.]



[Amanda G.  She got plenty of quality playing time in the Thief River game – great experience for next year.]



[Box out]

[Good D leads to a Karly break out.]

[Amanda G was named player-of-the-game.]

Then there was Carmina Burana:

Honestly, we’ve known several 0f these people for a long time – and had absolutely no idea they were proficient in singing, in Latin!  With all this local talent, makes me embarrassed to consider myself an Alexandrian.  The local performers ranged in age from high schoolers to those . . . well, in the vicinity of my age!  Sue Engstrom described it best: This is an amazing community.  Just home from “Carmina Burana” by Central Lakes Community Orchestra and community chorus – a performance worthy of MPR!! 

[Only 2 1/2 more years when we can watch this in the auditorium of the new high school – and heinie fatigue will become an agony of the past.  😉 ]

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