Where in the World is Ruthie, II?

It’s 6:00 pm and so far not a single flake.  The blizzard-of-the-year should be ravaging us by now – everything in Alex has been postponed or cancelled accordingly.  The basketball girls’ opening round of the sections has been postponed until Thursday [Note:  It’s a 7:00 start].  Thus, there will be no basketball report to file on the morrow.  So, to avoid those annoying calls from Florida wondering such, I needed some filler.  Accordingly, at the demand of absolutely no one, we once again bring you Where in the World is Ruthie.  You should be aware that these photos are from 15 years ago so she may be harder to recognize.  And if you can stay awake to the end, the answers to the first round of Where in the World is Ruthie will be revealed.

[Hint:  This is on a different continent from the first four.]

[Granted, not a lot of geographical background.  Hint:  Lemon beer.]

[I was too chicken to take the cable car to the top.  Besides, the view was great from the square.]

There will now be a 10-minute intermission.  Refreshments are available in the lobby for a good will offering.  If you have ill will, your only option is week-old Twinkies.  But while we wait, here is a quiz within the quiz.  Only one of the following six photos is of local music group, Cassie and the Bobs?:

Please return to your seats as we are about to resume your regularly scheduled program:

[Hint:  Back in the States.]

And now for the answers to the first WWR (Where in the World is Ruthie):

1 – Lincoln Memorial; 2 – Bemidji; 3 – Lake Minnewaska; 4 – Cherry blossoms, Tidal Basin, Washington Monument; 5 – Crosby-Ironton; 6 – Al Franken; 8 – Mark Dayton; 9 – Chippewa Falls, WI; 10 – Sheboygan, WI; 12 – Elkhart Lake, WI; 13 – Eagle Center, Wabasha, MN; 14 & 15 – Grand View Lodge, Gull Lake, MN; 16 – National Archives; 17 – Arrowwood antique boat show, Lake Darling; 18 -MN/SD border; 19 – Lake Darling; 20 – Carlos Creek Winery; 21 & 22 – Inspiration Peak; 23 – Itasca State Park, Mississippi River source; 24 – Peter’s Sunset Beach Resort, Lake Minnewaska; 25 – Just into SD from No. 18; 26 – Chesapeake Bay, sailing with condo neighbors, Renu and John Stevens.

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