Where in the World is Ruthie?

I know.  You’ve been wondering.  No games for a week.  What’s going to be used as filler?  So, back by popular demand (OK, it’s the first thing I thought of) is the ever popular, “Where in the World is Ruthie?”  Of course, this was patterned after NBC’s slightly less popular, “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?”  But what do you expect – Lauer has never been to Farwell!

This “game” has been played for the last few years by some-with-nothing-better-to-do and who had the misfortune to be in my e-mail address book.  Prizes for the winners over that period of time have included such as a year’s worth of lint from our dryer trap or personally experienced best driving directions from here to there.  With some adieu, we now present either 24 or 26 places the supervisor has been in the 24 odd years we have been acquaintances.  I have no idea what she was doing in the even years.  The photos were chosen totally at random from the first 24, or 26, I ran across that suited the subject matter.  The photos are numbered for your convenience, or indifference, whichever occurs first:

You have 30 minutes.  Begin.

[Editor’s note:  Numbers “7” and “11” have been excluded for obvious reasons.  They were simply forgotten.  It happens.  I’m old.]

And in the just for fun department:

John Hawkes (r) was in town yesterday – as a native, he knew enough to leave just before the snowstorm hit.  As you’ll recall, he was nominated for an Oscar last year – and this year he won an acting award at the Sundance Film Festival.  He is standing next to Bryan Stoeck, an Alex 1977 classmate.  Bryan’s dad, Boris, used to deliver fuel oil to our house back in the days we lived in Victoria Heights.  The photo is courtesy of Tom Anderson.  Tom was also Alex class of 1977.  Tom also bought my Mom’s house.  See, it all connects eventually.

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