Roundballers Like Valentine’s Day, Too!

The staff photographer, et al, followed the team to St. Cloud Apollo, where the Eagles were not expected to extend our Cards.  And they didn’t.  So, Greg took the opportunity to begin preparations for his Senior Night photographic duties on Friday v. Rocori.  [Rocori is not the final home game – but apparently the idea is not to have any pre-game “distractions” for the Fergus game next Thursday. 😉 ]  Unfortunately, we will miss Senior Night as we plan on being in St. Cloud for the hockey section finals v. Detroit Lakes.  Seniors “shot” at Apollo were team managers Missy Schroeder and Kendra Holm:



[Looks like the Eagles have a nice, new gym]

[Missy discussing game stategy with LT . . .]

[ . . . and with Kohler.]

[Jess greets Cara.]

[ . . . and Whitney.]

[“My last game at Apollo.”]

[But Kalli says, “I’ll be back here again next year.”]

[Time for some fun!]

[“I got it!”]

[I watched the Northwestern men play the 1-3-1 against Indiana.  It was almost as effective as ours, but D-1 men evenutally make adjustments so the Wildcats couldn’t play it all the time.]

[Probably an early in the game break, with the situation already well in hand.]

[“Everybody get ready to play a lot tonight.”]

[Kalli sinks a free throw – with great manual dexterity, the staff photographer and I are getting quite good at catching the ball going through the hoop.]

[Cara sets the play.]

[Amanda C made both shots here . . .]

[Kalli made both shots here – love to see this as we head toward tournament play!]

[The halftime score assured everyone of playing time in the 2nd half.  Uffda!]

[“Put me in coach.  I’m ready to play . . . today”]

[LT finally hears from Pam Borton.]

[“That was hilarious.”]

[“Really?  Pam Borton?  Probably Kim Kardashian.”]

[Cara and Amanda]

[Can’t be fun for the Eagles . . .]

[Whitney – still making our free throws.]

[Does this answer the question re why girls’ games?]

[Emily’s in.]

[Dani made both freebies.]

[“Well, I guess our work is done.”]


[Oh, oh.  The Eagles must have done something bad.  Karly shooting a T.]

[Sarah makes a free throw.  Did we miss any?]


See you next game.

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