Skilly & Duff (& Annie) & Hoar Frost

At Carlos Creek Winery yesterday.  We have Annie, Bruce, and Mikko – and with an SRO crowd, kept us there all afternoon.  The staff photographer and his staff went to Bemidji yesterday to cover the girls’ basketball game.  That report will follow.  We just thought it a good time to break up the sports reporting with our local music scene.  There are three videos of Skilly & Duff’s performance contained herein.  Enjoy!

“Galway Girl”:

[These young ladies, we believe Ann, Christina, and Mary (corrections and better identifications as they become available), danced for us.  Mikko is attempting to line them up for the St. Paddy’s Day performance at the AAAA Theatre on March 16 (poster will be posted here as it becomes available.]

[I was a little too close.  Their high kicking almost sent the camera into the tasting room.]

“The Kilt Song”:

[Annie . . . well, I suppose you could have deduced it wasn’t Bruce or Mikko.]

[Mikko, dapper as always.]

[Bruce, the keeper of the rhythm.]

[ . . . and looking dapper as well in his Rick Santorum sweater vest.]

“Come Out You Black and Tan”:

And we had another hoar frost the day after the last one.  These are from February 5th:


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